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Those colors are fantastic!

Great card! Love this release.

love the eggs. I need some!!! perfect for color bursts!

Your card brought back fun memories of dying Easter eggs. The Easter Greetings is on my wish list and now I think I need to add the Stick It Adhesive.

What a great way to use Colorburst!! Love your card!

AWESOME colored eggs! I absolutely love how the Color Burst moves and blends!

What beautiful eggs!

Thanks for showing us a new way to color our Easter eggs.

Your card is very pretty perfect for the upcoming holiday.

Lovely use of the color bursts.

Love easy!

I have never used Color Burst but love their vibrant colors! Thanks for the inspiration!

Ooh Eggs! The perfect shape for the upcoming season!

Beaautifully done! Love the colorful eggs!

Such lovely, elegant Easter eggs.

Great idea to die cut some easter eggs! So pretty!

So very pretty


Marbling and tie-dye are two of my favourite things. I adore your gorgeous egg card. x

Very nice card! I really like the color combos you used on your Easter eggs. Good job.

What a fun Easter Card!! Love how you created the fun dyed eggs!

What a fun idea using the egg dies & color burst to color the eggs! Great card!

They look like real dyed eggs. Hurry up Easter. Very nice colors...

Great card, love the colors of the eggs so fun!

Love the different mixture of colors with the colorburst used on the eggs. The eggs have a marbled interesting appearance.

Beautiful card... I love your idea of Easter eggs. Wonderfully done.

So very cute!

Loved the tie dyed look.

I love the tie dyed eggs. Simple yet elegant!

Love this card, simple and elegant!

Wow! Looks just like dyed Easter eggs! That's exactly what they look like. Cool idea for an Easter Card!

Lovely Easter card. Thanks for sharing.

Never thought to use the color burst this way, but I love it!

Awesome card, love the eggs.

Very pretty.

Cute card. Love the color of the eggs.

Those eggs look just like the ones I used to make with my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing!

I'm really loving these Color Burst products!! They will be at the top of my wish list now. Thanks so much!

I hopped around and left comments for everyone. I am loving those color color burst products!

Those Easter eggs are so pretty, I love how each one is so different. Nice blend of colors. Thanks for sharing!

I love, love, love how those eggs turned out.

Beautiful marbled eggs!

You will surely have a colorful Easter !

What a "SWEET" little card. Wow....the color burst is FanTasTIC on the eggs...Almost like they are real RIGHT? LOVE IT!

I love your swirly eggs. The font on the happy Easter is beautiful.

those eggs are fun :-)

Love these eggs. I have been looking for an egg die for several months and now know where to get it. Your color in that combo is gorgeous. Can't wait to try my Color Bursts. Thanks for the inspiration.

Great Card, love the clever eggs!

Just beautiful!!

What gorgeous colors... look like three stellar objects!

Love the simplicity of your card.

I love the marble look you achieved on the eggs! Great job!

Just how I like things....simple and elegant. Beautiful.

So easy and elegant!

Simple and sweet. Love that your used the Color Burst just on the eggs. Thanks for sharing.

Color Burst is the perfect medium for Easter eggs.

I love these beautiful eggs. Color Burst looks like such an exciting product!!

Beautiful! The simplicity of this project is just breathtaking..the Ken Oliver Color Burst pigment powders make this project pop. Imagine the possibilities using this pigment powders.

So cute...I love your card!

Colored eggs...going to have to check out that adhesive...sounds like the answer to sticking those thin cut words

Wow, love your paint work on the eggs.

The best way to color Easter eggs!! Great job!!!

Now I want to go make Color Burst Easter Eggs ... so cool.

Wow, the eggs look so real! great job! Hugz

Wow, they really look like tie dyed eggs - wonderful effect!

What a beautiful effect from the Color Bursts and a really fabulous CAS card design!

And what a beautiful wash of Color Burst powders! Love the IO stamps!

Love how you dyed Easter eggs but yours don't need to be refrigerated!😊

So fun and pretty

Beautiful colors on these eggs.

What a great idea to make Easter eggs! Love it!

great idea - those eggs are yummy!

Oh my, the color on those edges looks so real and just like freshly dyed Easter eggs. Great card! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Love the card - really neat eggs with the color burst ! Enjoying the blog hop - I have not done this before !

O my goodness! Easter eggs just like the ones I made last year! I wonder if the this product could be used with vinegar to create easter eggs? Ill have to ask Ken! I love this sweet and simple card, so bright!

Easter eggs are a perfect subject for Color Burst!

So pretty!

I really like this technique. Something new for me. Thank you for sharing.

HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS Anna!!! (Our chickens have just started laying eggs...."Easter Eggers!" Think of those in Ken Olivers Color Burst!) ;)

What a great idea to use water color on the eggs - so realistic. The Easter die is perfect. Thanks for sharing

Love the Easter card.

Beautiful card.

I love the Color Burst line. Possibilities are endless.

Had. Not thought of using the colors for Easter eggs! Fabulous!

Oh what a perfect technique for your pretty Easter eggs! TFS!!!

Love the eggs. Great job

Fun eggs!

Beautiful eggs!

Looks so awesome, and the colors are so great.

Love the eggs. thankd.

Great idea to cut out images from the Color Burst. I wonder if it would work on real eggs.

Oh those eggs! Such a great idea!

Love those Color Burst eggs. Wish dying real eggs were that easy. Can't wait to use the new colors.

Love the eggs, so pretty

A lovely card - I love the colour burst colours.

Your card is fantastic! They eggs are so beautiful, such great idea to use watercolours, very inspiring, thank you!

This looks just like how our eggs turn out. Great card. TFS

Thanks for sharing such a cute card.

Wow! So cute!

Very cute!! The card came out lovely.

I love the card! Such a neat idea! Thank you for sharing!

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