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Glad to hear all is well .... everywhere! Happy holidays to you, Alan & all the animals!

I sure appreciate the update and so relieved to hear that the TX farm weathered the harsh and frightful weather. I was surprised to see such a snowfall in WA. So happy you are enjoying the holidays being close to your folks. Your "gifties" were fantastic! Ever grateful......Gabriela

So glad all is well. And hoping that 2016 will bring you and Alan back under the same roof. ;)

Anna, thanks for checking in -- it's been difficult keeping track of everyone with this weather with so many loved ones spread out far and wide these days -- and with access to immediate communication! Blessings to you and Alan and your families!

It has been an exciting and trying time for many people this year and I feel lucky to have made it through the year, so far without anymore excitement than we have had. I do believe that the drought is broken here and even in Texas so we do have that to be listed on the plus side of the ledger. I have a special bottle of hootch for the New Years toast. I hope it's a good toast and a good bottle that compliment each other. Just 4 more days to go this year so hang on everyone, Anna and her girls are doing fine in the Great White North! Love, Dad

Hope everything's okay with your family in Texas. I live just west of the bad storm. We got rain, thunder, and lightening but thankfully nothing worse. And pretty cold (for us). I enjoy your blog so much. One of my favorites and look forward to you wonderful art in 2016.

Oh thank goodness--I was concerned (especially for all the chickies and goats and cows and and and - well just everything) Thanks so much for keeping us posted - we care about ya --- hugs and blessings

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