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Beautiful birds. I'm a bird watcher also. I put seed in the feeder every morning and watch them while I drink my coffee on the patio. I have Cardinals & Red Winged blackbirds. I'm waiting on my hummingbirds Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful! Their yellow color is so gorgeous!

Love that top photo -- such a pretty bird!

Anna, the birds are beginning their spring chorus here in Nebraska as well. I haven't seen quite the colorful birds that you have pictures of in this post but their singing is second to none. Especially, at 5am when I'm getting ready to head out to the garden. Morning nature sounds are the best, don't you think?

Have a great bird watching day.

Sweet! What is the male Goldfinch sitting upon?

Those are some pretty birds. Love your previous post with the little babies. What fun.

So jealous of your photography skills!

I adore the little topknot on the cedar waxwing's head. They eat berries out of the trees surrounding our office building. We're on the second floor of the building and get to watch them out our windows.

We also have cedar waxwing and gold finch. I see lots of the finch at my feeders. But only glimpse the Waxwings at Sis's in her cedar and crabapples trees come fall.

Them's some purdy feathers!

I've never seen such a brightly-color cedar waxwing! Gorgeous!!

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