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So sorry for your loss. Our Springer Spaniel Brittany cross is 13 this year. He had to have cancer surgery this spring and the thought of living without him seems unbearable. We would love to keep them forever. Hugs Ann

Greetings from Buffalo, NY! Dear Anna, I apologize for not sending my condolences sooner about loosing your Sweet Miss Daisy, who was such an important member of your family and crafting community. It's tough to say good bye, nothing can heal the hurt except time. Just know that we are sorry for your loss and thinking about you. Debbie

Anna I am so sorry about the loss of your Sweet Miss Daisy. She was quite the special dog and will indeed be missed by all.
Thank you as well for your kind words on the loss of our sweet cat, Eric.

Haven't been reading blogs lately but just popped on to see how you're doing and I'm so sorry to hear about Miss Daisy.
Big hugs, I'll be thinking about you.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sweet Miss Daisy is looking down upon you from doggie heaven and sending snuggles. I know it. Dogs burrow their way into our hearts and never leave. It's been just over three years since we lost our Tucker, and I still cry over him. Like right now, as I type this. I'm certain he greeted your doggy upon arrival and showed her all the best spots.

I'm so sorry to read about Miss Daisy! We had to say goodbye to our sweet Zoe (our yellow Lab mix) in Feb. It is hands-down the hardest part about being mom to critters. We had her since she was a puppy and she almost made it to 13. Our chocolate Lab has been a bit lost without her. I've been a lot lost. I hope little Pixie perks up soon--maybe some springtime walks will help y'all both. I'm sure Miss Daisy is as much a blessing to y'all as y'all to her. Hugs and peace

So sorry for your loss!! Let your memories of all the good times spent with your Miss Daisy bring you peace and comfort. Pets are such a wonderful gift we give ourselves!

Oh, honey, I am so very sorry. I look at her photo everyday from the photo card that you made and is on my bulletin board.

Please accept my sympathy and prayers.

Your friend,


My Daisy and I are thinking about you and your family during your time of grief.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We have lost many dear companions over the years, and it never gets any easier to say good-bye. Treasure your memories of Miss Daisy and be comforted by knowing that she had a lovely life with you. Blessings to all of you.

I loss my Robbie 7 years ago and have a new dog but it still hurts ...so sorry to hear about Daisy ....my prayers are with you ...love d

I'm so sorry about Sweet Miss Daisy. She had a good life with you, and is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. It's been a rough week with several of my friends saying goodbye their long-time pets. {hugs}

I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets touch our hearts deeply, those who don't have pets really don't understand. I pray that your grief lessens with each passing day and that Pixie will soon be her old self again. Sending prayers and hugs your way.

I am sorry for your loss. It is terrible to lose a friend/family member, and I count dogs in that category too.

oh my gosh, I am so very sorry and sad to read this post. sending you the biggest hugs I have....

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to say goodbye to our four legged family members.

Last year we said good-by to our kitty we'd had for almost 18 years. It was so hard. He was family! I still sometimes expect to see him crawl out from under the table where he liked to sleep. It is so hard to lose such a loving and loyal pet. Hope your memories help you through this difficult time.

...hugs to you!

Oh Anna, I am so sorry! I know how hard that is on everyone and then to have to deal with Pixie's grief also just compounds everything. I was worried, I've been on a FB diet of sorts, sometimes it's over stimulating for me so I missed your post over there. Hugs to you and the family. XO, Mary

So sorry for your loss. It's so hard to lose a pet.

I am so sad for you. But happy that you have known Miss Daisy and hope that as time passes you remember the good times and it hurts just a little bit less.

So sorry that you lost Miss Daisy.

Sending you hugs........

I have cried buckets of tears for Miss Daisy...I don't know why; maybe I'm missing my Ginger that died suddenly in NE six years ago. For whatever reason, I have felt your pain. It's just so hard to lose our precious furry family members! We do have to move on, but it's not easy.
The beauty of spring helps brighten our days, everything is so fresh and new. Our trees are almost leafed out now, and I do love to see that.
I will always remember Mr. Farley and Miss Daisy as very special furry blog royalty. I love the pic of them in the blue bonnets. You were blessed to have them as your special dogs, and those memories will abide with you always. {{{HUGS}}}

Please excuse the typo; I meant to say cherish Miss Daisy's memory and hug your sweet Pixie.

So sorry to hear of your loss, but you will feel the sadness lift over the months to come. Enjoy the great weather and hug Miss Daisy.

I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a an animal friend. It made me sad to hear of Miss Daisy's passing since I had heard of her so many times in your blog.

Sincerest sympathies from me and my four felines - Harley, Zane (both 17), Cubby and Jazz (both 10).

I'm so sorry to hear about Miss Daisy. It's really hard to lose a beloved pet. Hugs.

It's so hard to say goodbye to a pet, that is always there for you. Until you have gone through this, no one understands the feeling, the hole, the sadness. Having been there, I remember those days and there is nothing wrong with tuning out for a while. I saw the sad news on FB and now I just feel bad for poor Pixie. She must be so confused, it breaks my heart. Hugs from Michigan!

Sorry for the sadness ! I remember when you and Daisy found each other...

Love to you and Pixie. Hugs for all...

It is tough to lose your friend. Hugs to you!

Enjoy life, but take time to grieve. Miss Daisy was part of your family. Puppy hugs to Pixie.

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