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Such a great photo. How lucky you are to be able to see all this wild life. I forget, what State do you live in? Edna

SWEET! What a beautiful sight :)

So cool Anna! i've never seen Elk in the wild! We saw moose in Glacier, but never elk, so disappointing!

How cool! I love seeing Elk like this. So where exactly were these elk? You know I heard that a lady once came into our post office and asked the gal behind the counter,
What time of year do Deer turn into Elk?
I know she had a hard time keeping a straight face.

A herd of Elk a grazing a flock of geese a flying, what's the rest of that song? Yes and that is a heck of a good sized herd of Elk too!

Anna, *whispering*, it's antlers, not horns. :)

Great photo! always nice to see things where they don't "belong." Like finding coins on the sidewalk.

Wow, that is awesome! I'm so glad she let you know they were there. Elk are one thing I have never seen in the wild myself...you are blessed! Thanks for the photos!

WOW, great to be able to see wild life like that. We visited Estes Park, CO. Elk EVERYWHERE. It would be hard to play a round of golf with all the Elk on the course some days. Feel free to snap pics of the cool critters in you neck of the woods and share with us any time. :)

Wow! That's an awesome sized herd!!!

Wow! What an amazing time that must have been. Thanks for sharing. (I won't tell my hunter husband who failed in his search for one this season!)

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