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OOH! Congratulations! You are in a BEAUTIFUL part of the country. Hope all goes well up there for you. Liz

Congrats! I'm in Issaquah, WA. I love this state. So much to do and so much to see. Looking forward to hearing more about your life here in WA. :)

Wow! Wonderful purchase, wondering how you can leave the farm though! Can't wait to see your beautiful pictures!

Congratulations Anna, that part of the country is so beautiful. Will you be taking your chickens on holiday with you? I can't wait to see your new post topic. You make every little thing sound so special. Blessings on your new home.

Okay, I'm confused too.....is this a second home or are you moving to Washington??
Congratulations either way!! There's no place like home.

Welcome HOME, the photos are magnificent! Makes me want to move there, too. I too, love the silence of nature, and the view of deer and turkey! Very best wishes and blessings to you in your new home! :D

Congratulations! Being from Southern Ontario
I love the seasons changing and would miss that
if I lived down south. Welcome back to the north country! Looking forward to your photos.

Nope, I am still confused...what about all your animals???

I look forward to hearing about that part of the world, lived in Texas in the 60's compliments of US Army, and have traveled to California, but redwoods are as far north west as I have been....cannot wait to hear!! (How is that for a run-on sentence???

Congratulations on your new property. Such beautiful scenery. Enjoy. Edna

What wonderful news Anna! I really love both locations and feel the combination is magical! You are running the risk that yours will be my favorite blog . . . .

Welcome home.


Oh boy, a new blog post topic....I'm lovin' that. Your talent is endless as is your energy!

Congratulations on the new place.

Well TX may have been closer to us. But I sense my DH would much rather travel to WA to visit. ;) Maybe a vacation some year. What a lovely place Newman Lake is.

Looks like you have yourself a piece of heaven. Congratulations. I am the brightest shade of green you can find.

I love Washington state and look forward to hearing all about it along with the farm. The comment from your Dad is so sweet!

Well finally, the cats out of the bag! I sense a long list of Daddy do's coming up, the first of the list has already been crossed off, more to come to keep me busy. The view is awesome and the hot tub be just what the old man and Ma need once in a while.... two thumbs way up! Love, Dad...

I wish you much joy in your new home! The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the world. You already know that of course. Can't wait to see all you have to share of your new home.

Congrats!!! Now you can have both hot and cold temps!!!! :)


Welcome to your new home here in the Northwest. I'm sure you, Jeanne and myself will meet up soon :-) Looking forward to seeing all your animal & farm posts along with the occasional wild ones. As close as I get to a wild one is a deer or two in the front yard. Congrats on your huge move!

Welcome to the best part of the country, the Pacific Northwest!! Congratulations!

Wow, it's beautiful!

;) Congrats ;)

Does this mean you are moving to Washington state (I'm on the Olympic Peninsula) or will you have to places to live? Welcome to Washington(either way).

Is your new place a "vacation" type home or are you moving to WA state? - That's a gorgeous view of that lake. Congrats & I hope you enjoy the snow, it's on the way!

That's great! Congratulations!

How wonderful! Congratulations!! :)

Awesome Anna! Great news, congrats!

I'm so excited for you and am looking forward to your life in the woods post as well as the farm and paper crafting posts.

Big hugs of congratulations on your new home.

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