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Beautiful birds, I love all the different coats of feathers that are visible! I'm sure they are happy you had some watermelon for lunch today! :D

Yum! Very cute pic.

What a great shot! Love the angle. Beautiful chickens!

Great photo! All of their feathers are so pretty. If you're still doing calendars, I'd say this would be a great one to include :)

I gave my chickens some watermelon the other day and they didn't know what to make of it. They looked at it and they looked at me and I could just tell they didn't believe it was food. Silly birds! Hopefully they'll learn to love it as much as I do.

Girls just wanta have fun-or is it a hen party? Great pic-love your sharing.

Yummy! I often snack on watermelon in the afternoon on warm/hot days! ;) Too bad I didn't have some adorable chickens to share it with! Just the composter! ;)

I LOVE your postings about your chickens!! I love chickens, too, though I have not been able to have any of my own. I love seeing all the varieties you have and all the great work you've done on their coop; chickens couldn't have a better mom than you! Keep up the the fantastic work!

I think watermellon is universally lovely by all chickens ducks and geese. I don't think I have ever seen a flock of them turn it down..I don't think they like any better than I do though.......

Well I bet they LOVED that!

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