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I am really enjoying all of your posts about your chicken yard! Those silkies are amazing, I have never seen anything like them. I love the names you have chosen too. Very neat to see and learn about. I live outside of DC so I would have to drive a while to get to the country so it is nice to see these pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Katie B.

I'm lovin' them updates! Of course, anyone can see the magic behind your photos!

Thank you for the update. I learn something new every time I visit your blog :)

Thank you for the posts on farm life!As a child I went to the family farm in Saskatchewan,Canada and fed the chickens and a calf who's mom died cleaned the barn and I loved it all. Your posts bring back those memories, and remind me how caring and different farmers are from city folk.

Love the pics! :)

What a great bunch of photos and commentary! I LOVE hearing about how all the critters are doing, and totally enjoyed the post today. They are all so interesting, and have so much personality! It's wonderful how you show attention to each and every one of them; no one is ever left out. They are such lucky creatures, to have a Mom as caring and wonderful as you! :D

It is amazing to see how fast the chicks and goslings grow! I love Albert and Einstein. Oh, and Rockies cute curly feathers and the guinea fowls dots. Love the mixed flock. hugs....

All God's creatures! What a wonderful life it must be for those lucky and intelligent enough to understand the joy that only living on a farm brings.

A very nice series of pictures. Having a mixed flock is always a nice way to show all the different types and sizes of birds and their carriage of body. The geese are always very stately and rather imperious and then there are the guinea's like a jester or class clown.... a very informative post for sure!

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