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Thank you for sharing - very interesting. Lovely photos!

I ALWAYS adore seeing and hearing about your farm critters!!! :)

i love your critter updates! those geese are sure growing! (cat on arm ... caps are tough to type ... sorry)

I love your pictures of your life on the farm. I'm a city wish I was country girl. I'm amazed at how you manage all the work on the farm and still you have time for crafting. Keep the wonderful photo's coming!

I love all the farm stories and pics. I live my farm life vicariously though you and your pictures. I never knew there were so many varieties of chickens. They are just beautiful. Now we need an update on Pixie and the canine gang.

Always really enjoy updates about the farm critters! Thanks for making the time to share :)

Loving that little red barn, for your chickens, can't wait to see all your hard work, I'm sure the chickens will love their new home...the photos are just fantastic...

Everyone looks happy and healthy. Those frizzle chickens are my Fav. Willey is one Handsome and LUCKY Rooster! :) Have a Fabulous Friday. hugs...

I love seeing your chickens! Now I want to go take pictures of my chickens today. I'm sure they'll like it . . . they just love the attention. :D

Thanks for sharing the new chicken coop pictures. Love that you used the dog run, great idea. I love cochins and I miss my little black chochin who was also named Lovey. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for the updates, I love hearing about chicken life and love seeing the baby geese grow.

I love your chicken updates! I wish I could take as nice photos of my chickens... I'll keep practising.

I love what you are doing with the little red barn. Your chicken pictures are beautiful. Those ladies look like they have their own personalities. I love the frizzley chickens. Thank you for sharing your barnyard pictures with us.

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