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The garden is awesome looking. I just got mine planted last week. Although,the raised beds have been planted and are producing since March.

Is there some lasagna gardening going on in your garden too? I have never used that method but am intrigued by it.

What state do you live in?

Todays card you made is very pretty.

Shortly after I viewed your awesome garden tour, I saw on the weather channel BIG HAIL blasting thru West Texas. I remember seeing your 'hail' video and have worried about you ever since!

LOVE your garden! A little slice of heaven! :)

Seeing the old (beater,rusty) troughs in your garden reminds me of the really cool light fixture we saw on the weekend at a winery here.There's had some bullet holes thru it, cut out the bottom and on the inside they had hung a gorgeous sparkly & wide chandelier in it and hung it over a 14+ ft. long, old wooden plank table and it was BEAUTIFUL!

WOW, everything looks so lush and BIG! We are just getting the last plants in. The peas and beans and potatoes are up, So far not a lot of bunny damage like last year. (Better fencing!) I am so happy you have had the rains, it was too day last summer. Fingers crossed that the grasshoppers do not return. Since my garden looks about as good as it will all summer. (Freshly weeded and mulched, etc.) I should get out and take a few pics. It looks nothing like yours though!

Anna, even though I don't comment a lot, I stalk your blog and face book. I LOVE all you pictures, and I have enjoyed the pics of the chickens and new coup. I am completely jealous of your garden and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. P.S. I wouldn't pull the sunflowers either :)

What a lovely garden. How do you find the time! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

It looks like Paradise to me. Very inspiring. We are now just heading into winter over here, so it will be pea-straw, mustard and lupin seeds in my gardens for the next few months. Keep the photos coming.... they are great for the soul. And THANK YOU.

Beautiful garden. I have yet to plant anything.

The new coop is blending in so nicely! Good luck with the mint. Glad you are getting rain. We got .56 tonight plus a little before I got the rain gauge out.

Hi Anna, your garden pictures are beautiful, so green and lush looking. Love the chicken houses, everything is so organized, awesome job.

You garden look AMAZINGGGG!!!
I am pretty sure the vegetables you grow taste delicious... Thank you so much for sharing this photos, they are awesome. I hope one day I will have a small garden, were I live they don't let us plant anything so sad right.

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