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I just love your critter posts!

When does the drywall go in? :)

WOW...WOW....WOW !!! THIS IS FABULOUS!!! I just love every little detail about your chicken coop, I read every word. I'm with Marcie, if I'm reincarnated, I want to be your chicken!
Everything you did is magnificent...you are just so amazing. I love your generosity and sense of humor; and you are the best chicken and goose mother on the planet! Your coop is PERFECT.

Anna, I would expect nothing less than a tricked out chicken coop. Your girls are very fortunate to be living in the ritz chicken hotel. You did a great job building and decorating the coop. If I was a chicken and living in such a coop, I'd try my best to lay two eggs a day. :-)

Have a great chicken coop decorating day.

Love the info about your "girls" and barn, 6am and learned about farm life. Thanks for that. Love the curtains! Great job.

Adorable & Cute!!!

On the poop tray, make a frame that has the transverse members (the shorter one aligned with the wall studs) bolted through the wall studs and secured with wing nuts so the assembly will swing down and hang nearly vertical from the wall a full length cross member on the front edge that is attached to the wall at each end with your favorite gate hook and latch ring assembly on each end will allow for a strong support for the drop down tray that will support the plastic or fiberglass sacrificial tray. With the hooks released on each end the tray support frame will drop nearly straight down so you don't have to bend over or crawl under the thing to clean the floor... Love, Dad You should sell pre-rigged hen houses when you have a bit of spare time from all your other multi tasking jobs. Enamel painted interior walls are easier to clean and reflect light better, but there is the matter of paint costs....Hmmm It's fabulous!

Love to see the details involved. What chick wouldn't want to live there? I was wondering what the dog crate was for and now I know.

Adorable! You have the best kept chicks in the world, Anna!

So awesome! This city girl loves getting a taste of life on the farm from you, my friend!

OMG only on your farm would a chicken coop have artwork and curtains. I will show this to my son as he is dividing his back yard shed into a 1/2 coop 1/2 shed. I bet no curtains for his chickens. LOL.
Everything looks simple and functional. A lot of thought and good planning. They all look real happy in the new digs. :)

If or when I get reincarnated, I want to come back as one of your chickens. It is so wonderful to know that there are still farm animals having lovely lives and being revered by their owners. It also takes a powerful amount of talent to do all you do for them.

Thanks for the wonderful post, and I'm thinking about red curtains for my kitchen now.

I thought the clock was a reminder for the girls that it was time to lay another egg! Love your mini coop and the tour of the new digs!

Thanks so much for the detail, descriptions and beautiful photos! So much information and creativity you've shared. I know I'll be checking in with you when I get started with "my girls" some day in the not too distant future.

The coop looks great. We used some bargain basement countertop for a poop board. Really keeps it off the floor, was stable, and a few swipes with a grout spreader and all clear.

That's fabulous! I love the curtains on the nesting boxes, so cute! I giggle every time I see you mention this is a "small" coop. I think my coop and run must be a micro-coop, or perhaps a nano-coop. ;-)

Wow, you did an amazing job on your little red barn. Love the curtains and all the extra details to make it so cute. Great photo's and descriptions. Thank you for taking the time to share.

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