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You did an amazing job on every level!! I love your little barn, and the geese look very happy there! The flooring is a GREAT idea, an it looks so pretty! I'm sure the chickens are also going to love it when they get in. Yes, you are SUPERWOMAN OF THE FARM!I am jealous of your life!! But I'm just happy for you, that you have this nice place for your feathered friends.

I love your blog with the gardening and critter stories and the card ideas. Makes me want to have a little red barn with a fancy floor and chicks. I would love more detail also. Even though I'm a city girl, I can dream about retiring with a little land.

Anna, What a great way to start the year. Your barn looks great. As for your floor, I've never seen a better looking floor in a coop. I sure am glad to see Spring arrive this year. We had a long cold Winter. Not much snow but it was long and cold. I set out some tomatoes and peppers a couple days ago. It's about three weeks until the last frost date so it's a bit chancy but that's what gardening is all about, don't you think? It's been rainy here that last couple days and it looks like April will end with a couple more days of rain. Not that I'm complaining mind you.

I hope you have many generations of chickens that will call your new barn home. Have a great new barn day.

Nebraska Dave

Ha! Your critters are living the good life in their new digs! I love the floor!

Love the new coop and its fancy flooring! I need to show this to #2 son as his chicks are about ready to move outdoors. I/he would be interested in the poop catchers, too.

Oh, I love this! I'm now thinking about how I can make a bigger, grander coop with laminate flooring! Would you show us the photos of the "poop catchers"? I'm curious to see the design and placement. :-)

I figure it'll work out just fine when you get the wheels on it the only thing that has me worried is what happens when you have to go around a corner with 3 or 4 of these things tied together and headed on down the highway. Spose it'll stear like a flock of chickens..... I'll need video...Love, Dad

In my next life, I'm coming back as a critter and reside at your place!! You and Alan are the best parents ANY kind of critter could ask for! :)

You never cease to amaze me.

Ha Ha! I like that "quilt" floor! Never said I was right in the head! Looks like you got yourself a dandy new coop. I am always impressed with how well thought out your projects are for the ultimate comfort of your critters. Hope you spoiled Alan properly for his big day. Oh and I have to tell you that I framed the card you sent to me -- yeah --- I am that crazy about it! Or maybe just that crazy, since it's in the guest bathroom ;)!!?!

I grew up on a farm and I really enjoy all your farm adventures (and I love your artwork and cards, too!). Thanks!

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