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Oh I've never seen a little khaki duck, so CUTE! (Both of them...please don't tell the crested one that I didn't say that HE was cute first!)

We were in Tractor Supply this weekend and I thought of you. :) The chicks and ducklings were almost more than I could stand! I really want backyard chickens...so the cuteness was just one more push in that direction. ;)

Oh my...SO sweet. Hoe cute are they?!

Stinkin' cute!

OMGosh, I can see why they were irresistible!!! They are just precious! I love seeing your critters, and am so happy that you got these new baby ducks! Can't wait to see updates about them. Have a great day with your new family members! :D

I have never seen a Crested Rouen duckling before but have kept Khaki Campbells for a long time. Although not very flashy in the feather department, they are very reliable layers of slightly tinted eggs and live a long time. They are also very smart.

Janet xx

They are just too adorable! I've missed seeing your farm animal photos! :)

Glad to see some of the animals. They are adorable. Are they living in your craft room until they get older? And how are the two other ducks (geese?) that you got last year? Have a great week. It's almost TGIF!!

That is some incredible cuteness alright. What fun.

They are adorable are they going to be house pets for a while? Spring is almost here time for all the new babies TFS

Now do not blame me cause I sent you a pin with cute baby duckies! The really are adorable. Looking forward to watching them grow.

I had been missing your farm life updates. Thanks for sharing your babies with us! I look forward to checking your site almost every day from work.

Awwwwwww! Cuteness times two!


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