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Oh--I want to kiss Pixie on her cute nose. Only great people adopt shelter dogs.

Good looking dog. Glad she is in your company now.

Such a sweet face. Pixie suits her.

She is so cute! She is one lucky dog to have been adopted by you guys. You have a way with the critters, Pixie will be posing for you in no time. Thank you for having such a big heart.

She is so sweet! You and Alan are the best. I am so happy to have found your blog. I love your posts, your photos, your cards.

I love that you gave Pixie a chance for a happy life with you, Alan and all the other farm critters. She's adorable.

What a sweet little dog. How lucky for her that she found a home with you and Alan & your other furry & feathered friends. I love her name!

Oh she is a cutie and I love the name Pixie :)

Thank you for rescuing a sweet soul and giving them a chance at a wonderful life!

She is darling! I'm thinking she MUST be related to our granddog, Rosie! lol....what a cutie!!!

Pixie is the cutest! Warms my heart to hear of you adopting a rescue pup! :)

Anna, I am always glad when a rescued dog finds a good home. After a very bad life experience, it will take a while to fit into a new one. Pixie is a fortunate dog to find a home like yours and will soon forget all about the past life.

Have a great Pixie day.

Awwwwww! A lot of loving and a little patience will bring her out of her shell in no time. What a super lucky dog to have found you! She's a cutie for sure!

Congratulations to all of you! I know she's going to be a great dog - she looks like she is full of fun! I know she will love living with you on the farm. We adopted our dog from the shelter here and she was similar when she came here. She was really thin and very cautious. Now she has gained some weight and is such a patient and loving dog - my constant companion! So glad to see more pictures of Pixie now! She's going to steal your hearts!

Wondeful!!! everyone should check the shelters first before getting a dog. They require more love and affection but in the end are so worth it. We adopted a little pomeranian when our Pom died. Sparky came from a puppy mill and was used for breeding. When we got him he was skin and bones. We had to have 11 of his teeth removed and some fell out. He wasn't house broken because he had lived his life in a wire cage. We had to teach him to go up and down stairs and he hated grass or muddy surfaces to walk on. He is such a sweetie and we are so glad to have him.

She's precious, Anna, and so lucky to have found you guys!!

I am sure she will adjust quickly to the good life on the farm. What a lucky puppy she is. :) Another Pixie on the farm. But now way to get them mixed up! LOL. Big Hugs to all....

She is adorable! Another sweet furry family member! Love the name Pixie :)

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