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My goodness!! You guys are suckers like me. Every cat that sees my mailbox with that big old "S"--stands for sucker--just moves right in and I can't let them go hungry! We do live next to woods. My husband says if he dies first I will become know as that old cat lady, and he probably would be right! Your doggy is adorable! They give back so much love! Don't you know God was smiling when he created them!

Such a sweet face. :)

Well congratulations on the new edition. I'm still trying to figure out from the comments how you acquired this little cutie. Looks very much like Twiggy as everyone has said, they could be twins.
I know this one will be just as loved as all your animals are.

Awwwww, ditto to what all the others said! Can't wait to see all of her/him and also side by side with Twiggy. What does she think of this new addition?? Like, I hope!!

I thought it was Twiggy! Did someone leave him? Ugh! I am so glad that you and Alan have hearts of gold!! :)

The family is growing:) mom and pop, another adult, a teen, and a set of twins;) My granddog had a sleepover last night:)

He looks scruffy, and I totally adore scruffy! Great name - can't wait to see more photos!

Well, I like it flat out!

...on purpose?
Bizzy's name really should be 'Lucky' eh?
Yep...please make awesome name tags for the viewing audience won't you?
He's a winner; but aren't they all?

That's a cute name. He must be very active. LOL :D

Anna, I'm sure that Bizzy is fortunate to be part of a family such as yours.

Have a great Bizzy day.

I agree with the others .. I think this is Twiggy's twin .. Twiggy sent her a doggy message telling her to come live where the livin' is good! Bizzy is a great name! More pictures please! She (or he) is adorable!

Bizzy looks very cute! I can't wait to see a photo of all of her, and a few of her friends, too. :-)

What a sweet face!!

Bizzy could be Twiggy's twin. I searched your blog for posts on this new family member but didn't find it. Is this our first intro to this new precious baby?

At this rate, you'll have to make them sweaters with their names on so we can tell them apart. :)

Bless you, another puppy rescued and destined for a life of love and pampering. Are you sure this isn't a relative of Twiggy's who heard how wonderful it was living with you and decided to run away and join the farm crew.

Well you did it! :) Now Twiggy has a friend that looks a lot like her. Have fun. Photos of the gang please. :)
My sister is always taking in dogs. For awhile there she had 2 great pyrenesse, a st. Bernard and a terrier mix plus 4 cats in the house!!!!! Does that make you feel slightly saner? LOL hugs to all....

This cutey looks just like twiggy in this photo. Bizzy is a good name, I like it :)

Sweet! Wish I have acreage and could have lots of doggies! :-)

Adorable! Where did you rescue this lucky pup? I hope nobody left him in the ditch like Twiggy. Good luck with your new buddy. Have a great weekend.

That looks like Twiggy!

You did?! You are my hero, seriously!

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