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Here in NC we're experiencing unusually warm day at 76 degrees! Crazy weather! I'm going to enjoy while it's here...with all the windows open and the ceiling fan on! Stay warm...make sure the critters have their heat lamps on! ;)

I hope you don’t have any tree damage due to all the ice. Here in Colorado we've been hit so hard by this Arctic blast that we are longing for temperatures that you are calling cold. Last night it was -19... yes, that’s minus! The night before it was -15 with a wind chill of -22 and worse depending on the gusts. It barely makes it above zero during the day. When I checked a bit ago it had actually gotten up to 2 degrees above zero, but the wind chill was -10. Talk about Brrr! LOL!! And to those who don't know, this is NOT normal for Colorado. So many people think we are buried in snow all winter long and that cold and winter weather is all we have. But actually it is quite mild most of the winter with lots of sunshine and many days in the 50s throughout the winter. I lived most of my life in Ohio and usually wore a HEAVY winter coat there from October - March or longer but since moving to CO I don’t ever seem to need a heavy coat like that and often don’t need any coat at all when I’m out and about in the winter because with all the sunshine it usually feels even warmer than the posted temperature. But we are definitely freezing right now! Not fun!

Looks like our weather! Not what I would expect for Central Texas. Guess it is getting you prepped for a trip north! LOL.

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