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I'm sure enjoying your photographs of the ice.
Stay warm!

Well, it would be cool if it was somewhere else! My husband was supposed to fly to Nashville via DFW today, and all flights through DFW were cancelled due to that lovely ice. Now he's staying in a hotel at the airport waiting for a 6 a.m. flight to Nashville through Atlanta. I'm just hoping he stays safe and gets home again on Thursday.

Boy, we've got it too up here in Arlington! Sleet hitting bedroom window woke me up several times all night. Keeping the cats in & put out birdseed for the hungry little birds. And our poor old dogs were slipping around a bit in the backyard when they went out to potty. Hoping the power doesn't go out so we can keep warm (and keep the fish and hermit crabs warm too)!

How are all the critters doing?? Ice always worries me - stay warm. Oh, and Washington has SNOW...when were you heading up here?

Blech!!! Crazy weather! We are warmer than normal here today, lots of rain then cooling down for snow tonight. Stay inside where it's warm and comfy!

Ohhh be careful out there. I really do not like ICE. Probably because I find myself slipping and sliding on it. Although it is pretty through a camera lens and or from the safety of a warm house. Hugs....

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