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We have a similar situation here in Northwestern New Jersey today, though not as thick. We're expecting a high this afternoon of 40*, which should melt most of the ice, but 2" of snow tomorrow. Good stamping weather!

Thanks for the photos. As usual, they're well done!

It is amazing the beauty that can be found in everyday things! Hope it's warming up for you and the critters. Bet they're not that fond of the cold either. Have a good day.

Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing. These ice events are supposed to be pretty common in NC, but I've been here 9 years and haven't seen one. :)

Glad you're surviving all the ice. It can be so beautiful but so destructive. Having lived in Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee I've experienced a few ice storms and always worried about all the bad that could and sometimes did happen. I hope all of your animals are faring well through it all. Our horses have done OK with out deep freeze, but I've really been worried about them. My husband has been feeding them extra to keep their inner furnaces going.

It felt like a heat wave here this morning as it finally struggled up to 10 above zero. It has been a brutal stretch since last Tuesday night and our heating system has had a hard time so I've had to bundle up in a heavy throw with a heating pad to feel comfortable at times. It is so nice to only have cold hands at the moment but not feel the need for the throw or heating pad. LOL! I never thought I'd ever say this, but I am so looking forward to seeing a high of 20 degrees... I think we're supposed to hit that maybe by Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

What amazing ice photos! Thank you so much for braving the cold and sharing them with us.

Ice storms can be very destructive but since you can't control them, you might as well capture the beauty that they leave behind. Your photos are amazing. Hope the ice melts soon and there is no damage left behind...your critters must be getting cabin fever!

I haven't had a chance to comment in awhile -- Awesome pics of all the ice. Be careful & don't fall! Btdt..
I also Love all of your holiday cards :) tfs

-4 so far just put another log on the fire and the house has a couple of cool spots. For the most part though it's about 69 here at the "box" just thought I would see what the rest of the world is up or down to. Gotta go back to bed, I hope Ma is having a hot flash, I have cold feet........:)

Beautiful, Anna! I hope the trees stay up and your chickens stay safe. :-)

Your photo's are beautiful. Who knew Ice could be so beautiful. What a mess when it all thaws and hopefully the trees hold up. Beautiful photography!

Pretty Cool (in more ways than one!) photos. I am NOT an ice fan. It was brave of you to slide on out and get those wonderful photos of the cactus. By tomorrow afternoon it should be all gone. ;) hugs...

The netting looks like some kind of fancy knitting stitch. Regardless of the cold Mother Nature produces some fantastic oddities of nature with beautiful results. Gorgeous photos Anna.

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