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Glad you and your family are safe. You seem fairly close from the picture. Oh how i miss my Texas!

Glad to hear you're okay!

I thought that was somewhere in your vicinity, but hadn't realized it was "that close". Those are some scary pictures! Glad that you two were able to stay put at the farm with the critters, and how wonderful that Alan's parents could be there safe too! Never a dull moment on your property!!

Wow!! I am so thankful you and yours and the town is ok. We live very close to a natural gas line and if ever it goes we all go with it! Just pray it doesn't. Be safe!

So glad y'all got to stay in place and that parents were able to stay with you!

When I saw this headline, I thought, "Oh, crap". Now after reading this I am thinking much more frightning thoughts. We are so so so relieved that you did not have to evacuate and send good wishes for the initial trauma. Blessings to you!

Oh my gosh Anna, That had to be scary. It looks pretty intense. I'm so glad you were safe.

After last year's election, I pretty much turned off any kind of news because it's just too painful so I had not heard/read anything about this explosion. I'm so happy to hear that no one was injured. After this past summer, I know what it is like to live through an evacuation... VERY scary! My husband and I live in Black Forest, CO where the big fire was back in June. We were evacuated while that fire burned over 20 sq. miles. It actually came within a half mile of our home. While we were evacuated we had no idea if our house was still standing or not since the fire was spreading in our direction the whole time.

As a small child, my family lived in several places in Texas the last two being Houston and Pasadena. I still remember the refinery fires when we lived in Houston. My memory may not be perfect, but as I think back on that time, it seems like it was pretty often that the sirens were blaring and fire trucks were speeding off to a refinery fire. It must have been really scary for me as a very small child since it is one of the few things I remember from that time in my life.

I'm so happy for you that you didn't have to evacuate and also that you were able to take in your husband's parents during such a scary time. While I don't know from personal experience, but it must be a huge blessing to have family nearby.

Take care and I hope things get back to normal for you guys very quickly.

I am so glad you and all the critters are OK!!! I hadn't heard about it but it sure does look scary!

Nebraska Dave

Good to hear everyone's safe. Oh my, that picture makes it look awfully close.

That's scary stuff! I'm glad you and the family are okay. I can't imagine having to leave the critters behind if you had to evacuate! Or would you haul them with you?

Can you tell I'm not a country gal? :)

So glad to hear that no one was injured. A very scary thing. Happy that Alan's parents had a place to come when they where evacuated, too. Hope the weekend was relaxing. hugs...

Glad you are safe.

Oh Anna my Anna - how utterly frightful. I'm so relived to learn that no one was injured as a result of Thursday's explosion. How wonderful to be able to offer shelter to Your Alan's folks, too. You're a good egg. **Hugs**

I am so glad you and all the critters are OK!!! I hadn't heard about it but it sure does look scary!

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