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Miss Twiggy, you are just the cutest!

Miss Twiggy is adorable! My daughter Claire just happened to get the cutest sweater from Kohl's yesterday, and I am sure your sweet pup was the model for it...see?


Love these pics! how sweet.

eeeeek! A scary bumblebee. :)

Awwww too cute!

I love this doggie!

She is such a cute little bee! What a lucky puppy dog to have been rescued by y'all. She looks so happy and healthy now :)

OMG, what great photos of your Halloween Bee! I love them all, but the last one with her in your arms is just perfect :D She looks so content! Hope you had a very Happy Halloween!

Too doggone cute! She sure found the perfect home with the two of you! Happy, happy Halloween.

Oh my goodness it doesn't get any adorable.
What a sweet little bee dog.

Will be sharing on Sunday photo's of Cricket and one of the cats. Some Halloween stuff on today though.

ACCKKK~ So much cuteness!!! <3 Happy Halloween to you too!

Happy Halloween to all.
(Cutest bee EVER!)

Well, that's the cutest little four legged bee I've ever seen!

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