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Love, love your style and blog! Would love to see more video how to's. The ones you posted recently have been great! Thanks!

Love your stuff, it is so cute. Have many of your stamps!!!!

I'd love more of the same. I enjoy the haul videos because they alert me to what is currently available so I don't miss out on anything. I enjoy watching you make cards and other items as well. It stimulates my creativity. I like hearing your voice on video--it is very soothing, plus I think you have a lot to share that is helpful from an art/craft educational standpoint. And all your critters are adorable and I love the farm. My son and dil live in TX so I like seeing your TX images. I lived in TX as a little girl but I live in the southeast these days.

I love your blog now..enjoy hearing about your life and seeing your cute projects.
Thanks for the fun drawing for us too.

Always love it when I have time to check your blog. You are always an inspiration. When I need a quick escape, your blog is my alternative to chocolate. It makes me smile.

I check your blog almost daily to see what's happening on the farm and your cute card making ideas. Please don't change much because it's a great mix just the way it is! Thanks for sharing your life and talent with us.

Great Halloween stamp, and who doesn't like stickles! Loving the videos. I have been checking out your blog daily for a very long time. Keep up the good work and love that you keep it real.

Yippee! I can't wait to see them! I love seeing what you get at the store, or from a company~~doesn't matter! It's all FUN!
I love your blog, I have no idea what I'd like more of...I love the critters, and I'd always like stuff about them...
I like seeing your craft space and how you store things. I would like to learn anything about how to color, and make it look great like YOU do!!!
Thanks for all you do for us! :D

Great fun background! Would love seeing more of your card techniques.

I love the variety of topics on your blog especially your garden updates. I'd love to see more of your original sketches. Your blog is my absolute favorite!

I love this stamp and my 4 yr old granddaughter gives it a thumbs up, too. I love many things that you post on your blog but am partial to anything animal related. Yours is one of a handful of blogs that I check everyday.

I LOVE your stamps!!! And this Halloween background is one of my favorites!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your creations!!!!

I LOVE this Halloween background stamp!!! Oh - and I am LOVING your videos!!!!

ALL of your farm-themed stamps are among my favorites!!! LOVE THEM!

I love your work with the Stamps of Life and these Whipper Snapper stamps look so cute, too! It would be great to win!

I enjoy everything on your blog but mostly the chickens..then the crafts I do own many of your stamp collections now..love chickens!!!

I always enjoy your blog and your wonderful and colorful creations. I do love when you pop in a wood creation here and there. I cased your wood stocking a few years back and it is still one of my fave Christmas decorations!

I love to see your designs. Would like to see more of your primitive crafts!!! Love those!!!

I have been enjoying your videos Anna! Always like to see what other stampers are buying. Also like to watch you create projects, regardless of what they are. Thanks for the chance to win.

Thank you for this generous opportunity. I love everything you create. My favorite styles vary betweeb cutesy and Clean & Elegant. So hard to choose with all that is available.

I have always loved Whipper Snapper stamps! These are some great images! Thanks for the chance to win!

Oh these are wicked cute Anna! Thanks for the chance to win! I like all of your videos, whether they are updates on your feather babies or burbabies, hauls, new products or your fun creations - I love is ALLLLLL!

always enjoy the videos-gives the blog more of a real person being out there. Really cute stamps-fav is the Halloween background.

Love seeing your videos & seeing what all you purchase- always an inspiration!!!

I love all that you share. You show a variety of different things so it's not the same o same ole' thing. I am part country girl, part cajun so I enjoy your posts. Never bored! Thanks !!

I think anything you do is going to be awesome. I would like to see you continue to make card tutorials using your own designs. I also enjoy the animals you show in your videos. As a previous viewer commented, I would also like to hear about some of the animals you have introduced us to. Can you give us updates?

I really miss all the critter posts you used to have. Your photography is amazing and I love your cards and crafts as well. I really enjoy your critter videos as well Are you using Spectrum Noir markers and if so would you recommend them. Thanks Ann

Whipper Snapper images are the best and they are SO fun to colour. I'd like to see more videos on your blog from time to time when you are creating something new as I love how you show the true process - I learn more "subtle" techniques watching you create. I also like seeing what you purchase as it helps me think of different ways to use items I see when browsing in stores!

I love the variety of posts on your blog - cards & stamping projects, critters, garden updates, and your gorgeous photos. I aways feel like I'm catching up with an old friend when I read it. Your stamping projects make me smile and then I just have to see if I can make something similar with stamps I have on hand. I'd love to be the lucky one to win your great background stamp and the other goodies. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us!

You have such talent! My absolute favorites are the chicken stamps, they couldn't be any more adorable. Thank you for the chance to win that adorable Halloween stamp!

always enter, never win, BUT what the heck. Maybe this time. You are in my top 5 favorites. Love the stamps, love the animals and recipes from the garden.

I love the videos of goodies and how you use them, but I guess more of the same, Love to visit your blog. Oh, and some pics of the chickens would be nice, haven't seen them in awhile.

Thanks for all the inspiration to keep me stamping! I would love to see more birthday card ideas--some cards I can make to just have on hand for birthdays. I stamp all my Christmas cards (I made your manger scene this year) so am always looking for cute ideas. Love your blog, Anna! :)

I'm enjoying the videos you've been sharing lately, Anna, and LOVE all your whimsical stamp designs, especially this FUN Halloween Toss background :) I've followed your blog for some years now (though I don't always take time to comment), and it's hard to say what I like best or would like to see more of. There's such a nice mix.. I Love all the farm critters (esp. goats & chickens/ducks/geese..), and recipes you share using your garden produce, and so enjoy seeing the many crafty things you create with such talent. Even your weather photos are awesome, along with pictures you share when visiting your folks in the NW. Limited time means I don't keep up with all the blogs I'd like, but I always come back to yours! Thanks for the generous opportunity to win this fun pkg. of goodies. Have a great day :)

I love your bog just the way it is! Thank you for the chance to win! :)

I have really liked the last few videos, I could watch more of them.

I've been a long time lurker/follower of your blog. I love it all, the critters, the garden updates, your stunning photography and all your handmade crafts. Love you stories about life on the farm. You have a wonderful balance of all things Anna and I appreciate the time it takes you to share it with us.

Anna, your blog is wonderful! I have especially been enjoying your videos. The haul ones are fun. I would love to see some videos on card making, start to finish, especially using some of your latest creations. Of course, I love all the animal tales as well! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!!

Oooh, happy mail for sure, it must be such a thrill to see your drawings created into a stamp! Love the variety on your blog Anna, especially your cards and of course your critters!

Ooh you are going to have such fun creating with your new goodies! I love your blog just as it is. It has a perfect blend of everyday life and your creativity.

I love the bee background stamp because it looks like somethin I could color. And I really like the chicken wire background. It's so similar to the honeycomb that is popular now. Plus, it brings back so many "fowl" memories. :)

I love seeing pix of your critters. My fave!

I love farm tours and videos of you chatting.
I still think those background stamps would make the best designer paper for those of us who do not have your coloring skills. :)

What a darling background! I definitely need this for my Halloween crafting! Lately, I've enjoyed watching the videos of you sharing your goodies. I love the posts about your animals and garden too. Of course your cards and crafts are inspiring. It's hard to decide what I want more of. I guess just more of everything, lol!

Your creations are all amazing. Love the different things you post on your blog, don't always comment, but I read it dailey. I like what you do just the way it is. Really enjoying the videos. The new stamps are so cute.

Your stamps are amazing as always, Anna. I'm planning to order Blackboard Christmas, Snowflake Background, Halloween Toss and the adorable Chicken Yard...but I'll wait to see if I am the lucky winner!

WOW - This is the cutest Halloween stamp I have ever seen. I have been collecting Whipper Snapper stamps for a long time - I gotta have them all. I especially enjoy the ones you do Anna - you are very talented. This is my second time ever posting on someones blog to try and win. Pick me Pick me. Again - I enjoy your site very much. I love the farm and all your animals and pictures. I would like to see more of your sewing items. thanks Frances

Hi Anna,
I have enjoyed your blog for a long time now. I love your farm life stories and all of the animal stories and pix. I also love your stamps and cards. I like your blog just as it is.
TY for the chance to win this fun Halloween stamp and all the goodies :)

So much fun Anna! Love all your new goodies! Maybe I'll get lucky and win! Woohoo...good luck everyone

Thanks for the chance to win. Loving your videos lately. But you are responsible for a $100 tuesday morning shoppaganza. Ahem.

I'd like more videos. And home decor items.

Ah, so cute! Thanks for sharing... I'd love to see what you make with this order :-)

I love the new background stamps with all of the Halloween critters, fishes etc. on them. Nice change of pace.

I love the Halloween Stamp. I really enjoy reading about your farm life and seeing the cards and crafty things you make.

Hey Anna.... Don't you already have an awesome chicken wire stamp? I guess a gal can't have too many!

I love the snowman tag stamp. I think I need to purchase that instead of stamping several images to create my own.

You're Halloween images are the cutest! And that stamp combines a whole lotta CUTE!!
I don't know as I would change anything on your blog Anna... I love the mix of cards, animals, garden (especially of your gorgeous vegetable harvests!). It's just a wonderful, warm place to visit. :)

I love your card creations. I think I love the farm updates even more.

I would like to see lots of cards made with your fun stamps! It will be great to win this background stamp to go with the Spooky Expression and Hocus Pocus sets that I have! Especially love the fat spiders and bats and the huge grins!

I have been a follower for several years and I love it all! Such a variety of good stuff. Stamping, gardening, weather, dad (love that part), shopping etc. I love the videos as well. Just everything timed perfect for me

Well, seeing as though I haven't been on lately since I've been really busy, not sure I have the "right" to comment on what I'd like to see more of. Personally, I think from following you already for years, that your blog has a good balance of everything that I like to see; your creations and a lot of which already are not just cards, the farm animals, your gardening and cooking! I think your blog is perfect!!

p.s. What's up with Bad Box Car Betty and Callio-pea?

I am loving all your new Whipper Snapper Creations. :) Oh... face it ... I LOVE Anything Anna! Your card creations are always adorable. The animal posts are fun. The garden is inspiring, treats are yummy, your photos are breathtaking. I could go on... :) Big Hugs....

Thanks for the give away. I use your images most in my card making. The images most used are the chickens. "Chicken wearing inner tube" is still hilarious after all these years! I check your post daily as I enjoy the mix you already provide: coloring therapy, photos & photo bombs, shopping shares videos and did I already mention chickens? You gift to us is sharing all your awesome talent. THNK YOU!

Anna, I love all of your posts. I love your recent creations, pictures of your animals and I love the new videos you have been doing. If I had to vote for what to see more of it would be videos! Your crafty stuff videos enlightened me that Tuesday Morning has DSP and stamps. Who knew!? Now, I do. And, yes, I have made a dent in my pocketbook with my recent finds. :)

I realize that this is a card/craft blog, but I would like to see more animals. I really, really like them! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

I do love your stamps and enjoy when you share all your goodies with us. Your background stamps are the best lost of details and can also stand on their own. Thank you for the chance to win some goodies.

I love everything you post. I like hearing about your farm critters as much as seeing your creative artistic endeavors. Thanks for a chance to win some sparkly goodness.

Oh boy -- LOVE this Halloween Toss stamp! You design the cutest big backgrounds!! I don't want to be greedy because I won the fishy one, but I think I need this one, too.
Thanks for the chance, Anna! :)

You know who I haven't seen any updates on? Eddie. Whatever happened to him??? I would like more farm, more of the sweet babies, more cards, more of you. LOL Need me to go on? :)

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