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Ohhhh...he's darling! So jealous! I would love to cuddle him!

So does he have a name yet? I just looked up misshapen in a thesaurus and one of the words was bent. Maybe you could name him "Bentley". :D Did you ever name that other new calf? I just love the names that you all come up with or let us suggest. It's fun! Congrats on the new bouncing baby boy. :D

NEMO....you HAVE to name him Nemo! The misshapen ear is perfect....just like the mishappen fin!!!!

He's a winner.

He's so beautiful...wish i could snuggle him. Please give him a hug for me! (and a rub on the head!) :D

He's so cute, cant wait to hear his name, you always pick such cute ones.

Wish I had his eyelashes! LOL! He's so sweet!

OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SOOOOOO CUUUUUTE! He doesn't look like Mommy though... Does he look like Daddy?

Awww how sweet. He looks so soft. I even love the smell of baby cows. Give him some extra lovin' from me. hugs....

So cute!

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