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Sigh, I love this...

Adorable card and I loved hearing the story behind it. We had a doxie who loved to 'break out' and just run up and down the street for a bit. Your card made me remember him and smile, so thank you for that!

Love this card!!

Since you mentioned preferring to use substantial paper, I'd love to hear your favorites. I see in your supply list that you used Neenah and Stampin' Up. I have the Neenah Solar White, but bought it strictly for Copic coloring and haven't done much of that in a long time, so have left that paper on the shelf. I know it's a good weight, so is that what you prefer for card bases? I know that SU's colored papers are nice and heavy and great for card bases, but I'm still searching for the best white (and would love an ivory, too) cardstock for a good heavy card base. The paper store I used to frequent locally closed a while back and I really don't have a lot of spare cash to start sampling every online stamp and paper shop hoping to find paper I like, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It seems that trying to go by the "weight" of the paper that is often given doesn't mean much and I don't really understand why that is the case. But, I've purchased paper that is labeled 110lb. and it ends up being much lighter (actually pretty flimsy) in weight than SU's colored paper which I believe is labeled as 90lb. So, ordering online and trying to go by numbers like that just doesn't seem to work. I see that a lot of paper crafters online seem to love Bazzill paper for their card making, but when I have looked at the Bazzill cardstock that Archiver's carries, it varies so much in weight that I've been afraid to order any Bazzill online and I don't even know if they do packs of just white or not, anyway.

Sorry to go on and on. I'm just frustrated with what I have tried and would love to find a good heavy white paper that is a good quality with a nice look for card bases. I make both elegant and casual style cards so would want a paper that would work both ways. (And would love to find ivory for card bases as well.)

Thanks in advance for any input.

Love this little "hot dog"scene :)

Very fun. So glad that little guy got home safely! Many, many years ago I had a brittany who escaped from the back yard every day when I went to work. He was always waiting on the front step when I got home! Thankfully it was a quiet neighborhood and he never got hurt, but it was exasperating! Thanks for the smiles.

What a fun, fun card. I'm so glad that your friend liked it. I just read her comments. So happy that the doggie escape had a happy ending too.

I about fell out of my chair when I saw this post with photos of the card I just received in yesterday's mail. Umm, next time you plan on surprising me like this, er - um, a little warning please? Seriously though, your beautiful card exquisitely captured the forays of my errant dee-oh-gee. Is it too late to edit this post and add a photo of the card's interior? I adore the card and of course the sentiment and thought behind it. You're the best! Big hugs and buckets of gratitude from me and my errant dog.

Very pretty,Love the scene!!!

Beautiful card, I love all the trees and of course the weiner doggie.

Another one for posterity and bound to become a classic like a Monet' or an Anna Wight. I am proud to have many originals in my vault in the conservatory, or was that the library?.....Love, Dad

I love it and the story behind it. You are so creative. (My DH really likes the card I just got!) ;) hugs....

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