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Baby cows are just as cute as baby elephants!!! I wonder if elephants and cows would get along? I would love to have a baby elephant and name him George. I would love to have a baby cow and name her Gracie! That would be soo cute!
Maybe you should get a baby elephant and let me know if they get along with cows. :)
Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

She is SOOOOO beautiful!


Cant wait to see the whole calf. I love the snout.

so cute, love your pictures of the farm animals.

Such an adorable face and beautiful soft eyes makes you want to pick her up and cuddle her. How is your garden doing has the intense heat this year fried it again?

She is absolutely adorable! I, too, love baby cows!!! Does this mean there will be another naming suggestions post? :D

Thank you for yet another opportunity to marvel at the good things in our lives...there's too much of the 'other'.

She is PRECIOUS. All babies are cute, but these Dexter calves are just ADORABLE<

Ohhhh that sweet face! Yes please! More photos. She's adorable. What will you call her? Cute! Cute! Cute!

There's something about any baby animal that makes me melt! Pure cuteness I say! Looking forward to seeing more pics and can't wait to hear her name!

So pretty!!

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