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awesome pics! Send some our way in Michigan, we're terribly dry right now, my garden is crying!!!

FINALLY...HURRAY!!! I'm so glad the rain finally found YOUR farm, and gave it a sweet drink of much needed water! I've been worried about you, because I know what it's like to be in a drought. UGH. I hope you get some more, and soon. Bless your heart, those TX summers are just miserable. I'll be hoping with all my heart that you get some more rain this weekend. :D

Amazing photos!

Cool storm photos. I love a good downpour. It has been several weeks since the last rain. Garden is looking a little stressed so we will water this weekend as there is no rain in the forecast for the 10 day outlook! Glad you got some.

Yea you got one inch too! Hoping we both get another pop up shower soon and don't have to wait so far in between. Fabulous photos BTW!

Awesome pictures, wish I could have watched it. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations! One small step for Anna, One giant step for twiggy....I wont rub it in but the weather here has been lovely and we had a nice shower the other night at Sylvan Lake in Montana with thumb nail sized hailstones and it washed all the dust off the trailer and made the drive out of the wilderness dust free. You have to take the good with the better. I'm hoping you get more and no tornado's as an extra.....Love, Dad

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