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Maybe, someday, if you cross paths when it's older, it will remember your kindness and not give you a spray ;)

My BIL brought home 5 ( then 2 more) baby skunks when the mother was hit on the road in front of is place of employment. They are so darn cute at that age. They have e=been delivered to a wildlife rehab. (And doing well.)

Hmmm, I dunno. That pretty much just looks like a squirrel all painted up PePe LePew style, haha! :)

Sure am glad mama skunk didn't spray y'all or the dogs.

Oh Anna that baby skunk is so cute! You guys always have such fun things happening on the farm. I'm happy that the outcome was good for the baby and that no "stinking" was involved!

CUTE!! Before I got to the end of the post, my mind was already picturing him perched on your desk as you were crafting this morning...he did look like he'd be a good stamping companion! Glad he was reuninted with this mother. Love your blog!!

Anna, I'm not sure I would have picked up a baby skunk. I'm glad there was no stinking involved with your rescue. He/she is a cute little bugger, huh. It's great that you and your husband took the time to care for little skunky until mama returned. Has the experience inspired any thoughts about a card?

Have a great day on the homestead.

With my goofyness, I would have called it into the house thinking it was Tippy the cat who disappeared.....Love MOM

I've never seen a baby skunk, either! :) In fact, until last year, I'd never seen a wild skunk out toodleing around. One of the boys and I were near a lake and one was up ahead of us on the road, and when we got up there, he just kind of hung out in a stubble field. Thanks for these photos!

Oh how sweet! From a distance of course ;)

Aw, we had a skunk event this summer too!!! A momma and 3-4 little ones just wandered out across our yard, sniffed our trash cans and continued on to the field. My friend & I stood a few feet away, dumbfounded! They were totally oblivious to us! Your little one is a cutie and thankfully your story had a happy ending!

I love sharing all these stories with my daughter! What a great learning experience we "experience" through you. Thanks!

Oh how funny. Sure glad it wasn't us that had the skunk. I would have called animal control. lol. Hopefully "mama skunk" came to get it.

Oh, what a wee baby! I have never seen one that young! Hurray for you and Alan rescuing it!

I love this story. I probably would have shooed it away.

Oh my gosh, what a story! So glad it all worked out without anyone needing a tomato juice bath.

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