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I have never seen or grown that type of squash. Decorative? Love the purple polish BTW.

This is the first year that I have ever planted them. I better go check my plant now. I have been super busy and have not been to the garden. I wonder what I will find.

I haven't ever ate them before. What is your favorite way to cook them.

Hey, it seems to me that when they get this big the shells get hard as iron. You gotta secret method of dealing with that after they get baked? or is it before they get cooked....Maybe a blender to chop them up if they get kinda mealie....just wondering. Maybe cow feed? Love, Dad.

That's pretty amazing! See, things really ARE bigger in Texas!

Gooorrrrgeous, looks yummy, save me a bite. Love, MOM

Glad I'm not the only one who somehow seems to miss these guys until they are the size of a small guinea pig!

I'm always surprised at how they can hide, despite their size. I had one or two that got away from me last year that were HUGE. I scooped out the centers and filled them with bread stuffing, baked them and we had stuffed pattypan. DEEEEEEeeeelicious!

WOW, so what you gonna do with that! Looks like several meals there. Our garden is beginning to yield. Yellow and green zucchini, cucumbers and potatoes and to date 2 tomatoes :) More to come (lots more, a much better year for the garden.)

Hahaha, you could feed the county with that one! LOL It is still beautiful, even a bit overgrown! :D
So glad you got some rain for your garden and animals. I hope you get some more very soon. Take care!

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