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I see you too!!

Hey! You in there????

"You eyeballin' me boy?"

Adorable duckie, love the sunset photos, we don't see many skies like that here in Los Angeles. Thanks for sharing.

Is this thing on? LOL

"Are you looking at me?"

Love your posts! :)

"All the better to see you with my Sweetie"

"Can you hear me now" How 'bout now?"

"I'm ready for my EXTREME close-up!"
Love the photo! And are those clouds I see in the back ground?
Hugs, M

Do I know you?

Mom! Mom! Mom! Can I help? Pleassssssse?

Oh hellooo

Do I have a booger?


I spy with my tiny little eye. . .

"MOOOOOOMMM!!! There's an evil monster in my nose!! HEEELLLLLPPP!!"

Love Augie's post too!!
Love all your animals!! Thanks for all the smiles!!

Back off lady, this is my territory...

"You think it was me picking in your garden?"

"You're just in time to see what's happening on the farm...."

"I feel pretty, Oh so pretty, and witty and I pity any duck who isn't me..."

*Hey, What cha doing in there?*

"Why you have to be all up in my bill?!"

Hahahaha! I can't stop laughing long enough to think up a caption! Great photo! :-)

"Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear"

You have the cutest stinkin chickens and ducks!!

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