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WOW, that sounds like coffee my Sister would love. I tend to like mine a bit WEAK. ;p

I love bold coffee, too, even though I now have to drink decaf. I'm going to check out the web site and see if they have decaf.

Great review! I will have to get some of that for my husband. I don't drink coffee myself, but I like to smell it! He likes bold coffee too, so I can't wait to get him some. Thanks for letting us know how good it is! :D

Kicking Horse coffee is amazing, I agree...and it's Fair Trade coffee, which means that the Third World growers get decent profits. The company, in beautiful British Columbia, chose its name from nearby Kicking Horse Pass.
Have another cup, Anna...it's good for you!

One more thing I forgot. With a catchy name like that it could be a nice idea to put in a coffee shop in the north end pasture since it's near the highway interchange. You would have to buy it by the wheelbarrow load though. or make a deal with Willy for a site? Just put that name up on the sign and draw a sign with a kicking donkey up on the roof! I like it!... Love, Dad

Buy Stock in the company! I have never liked wimpy coffee but I insist on flavor without acid aftertaste and this stuff was right there with the flavor and no acid! A good cup of 1/4 inch coffee and you're good to go. If you're retired like me you can even have two! Oh, 1/4 inch coffee is how far you can see into the cup when served in a white cup........"M" likes the spoon to stand up straight in the cup at her house.

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