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Holy Crapatoni! What's next? Boils and floods???? I am usually "at one" with bugs (NOT arachnids - shiver) but en masse like this is just plain creepy. Hope you get them before they get all of your crops. Too bad you can't mulch those bad boys and enjoy the circle of life! :-)

Eew. I say unleash the chickens...and ducks...and the geese! And please don't let those things make their way up to Arlington!

Yucky! I hate grasshoppers. We usually get them later in the summer, but not like you have them. How do you get rid of so many? Good luck.

Anna, so sorry this is hurting your crops. These pics look like our trees in NJ. They are covered in Cicadas. The noise they create is so loud it is hard to have a conversation outside. But it is not affecting our livelihood the way the grasshoppers affect yours. Best of luck to you in getting rid of them.

ew ew ew stuff of nightmares. i'm not moving to TX.

OH WOW!So Sorry,don't need this!!!!

You mean to say that the infestation is just you and your neighbor? Maybe it is the plague of Anna not Egypt.... I remember that I saw a display of them at the Crescent downtown that had them saute'd with peanut oil in little cans like smoked oysters come in......I wonder if the trout would like them smoked......... get out the weed burner!

Ugh! I'm sorry this is happening down there. The last time we had a big grasshopper attack, I was still in high school. They made the roads slippery! Lots and lots of good wishes!

I fear there won't be much green stuff left in a day or two...BLEAH. I hate it when they come by the "tons"...it's so hard to battle them. I hope you can get rid of them before they destroy your whole garden! Best of luck to you! I'm so sorry this has befallen you!!!

Those are some serious grasshoppers. Can't say I'd welcome that many at once & do hope you get this problem taken card of soon.

We've just been reading I my social studies class how millions of grasshoppers invaded the. Great Plains in 1877 and totallly ruined their crops and even at axe handles! I didn't think this actually happened anymore! I'll have to show thi s to my students!

Ick! This post ranks right up there with the Wolf Spider!!! Herbie Jeebies!

I hope the big guns mean lots of happy chickens and ducks!


P.S. - Christopher stamped a note card today with, you guessed it, a cow. I know he would love any sweet comments from his favorite farm gal!

Oh man.. flash back to the old movie about the giant grasshoppers!! I think it started out that same way!!!!! you want me to send my Guineas?? Maybe they could help.

WILD TURKEYS are on the way...Dad is rounding them up as I type@@@@@@oops, sorry, he just left to go fishing in a monsoon.....Love MOM...

I'd be having the screaming heebie jeebies by now. Oh my body is running cold thinking of it. I don't think your chickens or ducks could help much when they settle on you in droves.
Do they stay long? Please say no.

I'm now scarred for life - I knew I shouldn't have read this post! I literally got goosebumps when I saw all those beady little eyes >>

I can't imagine how many chickens and ducks you would need to take care of these critters. I experienced this once visiting a friend in Nevada. It really was creepy - they were on everything. Can't wait to hear what the big guns are. So sorry about the damage they've done.

Grasshoppers give me the willies when they arrive in a swarm like that. Good Luck.Hope the ducks and chickens are earning their keep!

NASTY!! One grasshopper is cute, but thousands...reminds me of the plagues in the Bible...I hope there is something you can spray on them...didn't they used to light smudge pots, or something, all around the crops...?

Oh my word! My project will be up a bit later too...but I just had ab allergy attack...not an insect attack of epic proportions! Poor you!!

Oh Anna! That's awful! We had that problem last year. I fear it happening again. I'll be eager to learn what big guns you'll use to solve this!

That's horrible, Anna. I'm so sorry your crops are being attacked.

We've got a similar problem with the Cicadas. The buzzing sound is non-stop 24/7, and boy is it loud. While we don't grow one fraction of what you and Your Alan grow, My Alan had just planted rows and rows of petunias that were supposed to grace us with their vibrant color throught the Summer, and the very next morning these horrid locust ate every single plant right down to the ground. Overnight!

I can't wait to read about your solution and what mitigation action you and Your Alan took.

Oh my! That's gross. Won't your chickens and ducks eat them?

Holy grasshoppers Batman!

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