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Oh wow! I didn't realise that Monarch Butterfly caterpillars came with slightly different markings. I took photos of them in my Mum's garden recently here in Australia. Ours are stripey rather than spotty! Like you, we will share our garden with them, because we love them! This is my post, if you'd like to take a look. http://happysnapmichelle.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/my-mums-autumn-garden.html

Spectacular things. I can't help but think they would like devine made of ceramic materials and glazed in the apropriate colors mounted on something inedible and under glass..... it sorta looks like an aquarium shot too....I like it! Love, Dad

Oh, I love these photos! but, they are not monarch caterpillars. Those only eat milkweeds, in all their many forms. What you have are tiger butterfly caterpillars. Take a poke at their head, gently, and they might put our their "horns" for you. :)

How lovely...as a caterpillar and as its next incarnation!

They are very intering criters. If you have a lot of dill they will not do too much harm and them you get pretty butterflies!

I love seeing your garden updates as well as your photos of all of the flora and fauna in your garden. :)

They are beautiful and I'm sure are grateful you let them nibble on your dill. ;)

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