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So beautiful and prolific, Anna. You have an abundance of talent. Hubby has undertaken our garden and my suggestions get an abrupt ssssshhhhhhtttt!!:). Our potatoes and peas have been drowned and rotted in the lowlands, so the loader will bring in some topsoil to build up the area for a replant. Squash has poked above ground and the straw bail garden has a few shoots poking up. Thats more of a trial, we wont have lots of freezer fodder, but maybe enough for summer munching:)

In spite of the grasshppers you garden is looking great :) Good Job. Way to go ducks. So far we have only enjoyed some green onions, radishes, lettuce. rhubarb, asparagus and kale from the garden. Yum. Looking forward to more soon.

Looks perfect.

Anna, I don't often feel envy when I look at beautiful things on peoples blogs... BUT, seeing your beautiful garden, and those luscious red tomatoes, I actually am quite jealous! LOL NOTHING compares to the taste of the first, fresh, tomato of the season. YUM! Well, maybe the first potato, or pepper. *sigh*

Great pictures of your veggies, love the ducks on duty pic's. Thanks for sharing.

Great photos. Wish we could have some fowl. How do you prepare patty pan? We really haven't gotten a liking for any kind of squash yet. Your garden looks great! I have 3 little green tomatoes and my 4 plants.

Anna, I have never known ANYONE with such an awesome garden as yours!! Takes a lot of work, I know. XOXOXO

Nucular radishes, Cool! Are you sure them maters are not some new fangled pot plant? Need more ducks huh! ONE more week of school for Ma! yahoo!

Your ducks look very happy snacking on their grasshopper "treats".


I had a dream last night that My Alan and I had borrowed ducks from Your Alan and you, and that we'd put them in the yard to help control the cicada population here in VA.

Do you ever have a problem with squash bugs on your zucchini? We just have raised garden beds in our backyard and recently had to pull a zucchini plant- it got attacked no matter how much we tried to get rid of them.. argh!

I wonder how my dogs would like having a couple of ducks around? I know those darned grasshoppers are head our way soon. Really fun pics of your cute guys and gals. Enjoy the rest of your 4 day weekend. I have to wait until the 4th of July for my next one!

weeder geese are wonderful, I used to have a goat named lavender that only ate the weeds - she NEVER ate the crops- not typical for goats!

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