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If you can sqeeze enough water out of the faucet to keep things alive long enough for a harvest that would be lovely but maybe you should think about pinching back some of the blooms to allow the plant to set fruit instead of blossoms? It may be to much of a good thing? Over stimulating could be a bad thing.....I know when I get over stimulated it's hard to do anything with me unless I get more coffee! Just sayin'.....Love, Dad

Well it looks like you saved some from the grasshoppers! WOW everything looks so lush and FAR ahead of mine. We might get some zuc's this weekend. It has been very hot and humid. Mostly weeds growing! Gotta get out and pull them this weekend. Looks like the weather will finally cooperate, too! The poor peas really don't like heat and they got off to a poor start. (in a bit late because of wet, then BAD bunnies kept nipping them off.) Fingers crossed that we get any. Can you grow peas there?
Have a fun and relaxing weekend. hugs...

I can't believe how much you grow, do you have a market stand? I don't know how you could consume all of that! I am trying to figure out how to grow jelly beans, my favorite vegetable, although they don't sauté well! ha!
hope your foot is healing well! xo..sherry
ps...hope you get some rain too. we are in Arizona, and haven't seen a drop since we got here 6 weeks ago!

Really incredibly beautiful!! I'm so impressed. XOXOXO

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