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Wow, I sure enjoy seeing your garden grow. Cute watermelon - hope they make it. How nice to eat a tomato for breakfast each morning. Thanks for the update!

LOOKING GOOD! I am always amazed at how much you squeeze into small spaces! And how far ahead of us you are. We are weeks away from any tomatoes. Zuc's soon and some new potaoes already. Yummy.

Anna, the garden looks beautiful and bountiful this year. Thank you for sharing with us the fruits (or should I say, vegetables) of your success! By the way, how's that boo-boo foot doing? Take care and sending along a big hug...Robin

Is it really hard to grow watermelon? My parents had mention at one time about mating those kind of plants. Is it complicated? Carol M in TX/[email protected]

Wonderful to see all nature's bounty! Thanks for the update ;)

Your garden looks awesome! My hubby and I may finally next year be able to try gardening. We're almost to the point where he will be able to construct a building to hold all his business paraphernalia, and with the construction of that building means that we will be taking a bobcat to the rest of the property to get all the lava rock out and regrade the property. Pretty flowers and yummy veggies, here I come!


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