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I love all of your photos and posts Anna! The critters make my heart sing!

Their baby fluff is cute. Can't believe how fast they're growing! Wasn't it only a couple weeks ago that they were nodding off on your craft table? They look like Snuggles and Tutu to me.

I had 2 Cockatiels, named Cuff and Link. One died some while back , and we didn't know for sure which one, so now we have Cufflink.

They are so cute! I love the way they follow you around and get attention from you. MicheleP, you can tell your friend the Canadian geese will be gone soon. They are starting to return here! We love the honking. It feels like spring...even if our weather won't cooperate! LOL

They remind me of the geese in Charlotte's Web now! Cuties, cuties, cuties!

Thanks for the fun update. Our area has many, many Canada geese. A coworker is awakened every morning to their honking & is hoping they will decide to fly north soon. Will your little ones try to fly?

OMGosh, they are SO precious! Hard to believe they grow so quickly. I wish I could snuggle them up! You'll have to do that for me. :) thanks for sharing the great photos!

Bonnie and Clyde could work once you know what they are. I also like Thing 1 and Thing 2 since you don't know their sex yet. LOL They do look like lots of fun. :D

So cute! The one you think might be a male looks like he's pretending to be an airplane :) Maybe they can have pilot names like Charles and Amelia, haha!

I'm thinking Bonnie and Clyde

Wow, they are getting big. And so quickly. Growing like weeds. Mork and Mindy? Ozzy and Harriet? Have a good day. Robin

I agree on the genders. This reminds me of our Muscovies. One of the females was just so pretty it was crazy.

Lenny and Squiggy..... But Porgy and Bess has a certain "ring" to it. Your feelings about the sex are probably correct but the plumage when they feather out will tell you for sure. It seems that with all fowl the male is far more colorful and without makeup...... If you have a pair of ganders then it Seigfried and Roy!.... Love, Dad

Lover boy, and sassy pants....this and that? Duk,duk and goose? Just a few suggestions. Have fun...oh, how about lady liberty ( for miss independence). Romeo for lover boy? Haha, I have too much time on my hands today! Xo

Awww they are sweet now! Wait until they get bigger and Poop everywhere and Goose Ya! (I am not a goose fan, but you might sway me.) All the geese I have know previously where NAUGHTY critters. LOL

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