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Cutie looks like a little fox. They are all so soft and precious! I love kitties.

Cute, Cute & Cute! You know I adore cats and these are certainly adorable looking.
A neighbors pregnant cat has taken up residence in our storage shed so we may have little kittens hanging around soon as well.

What a cute trio! I wish you lived closer, then I could get my kitty fix. My two cats are grown up and only want to be snuggled on their terms -- typical cats!
They look very content. Congrats on the new Dexter too!
Hugs to all on the farm, Manetta

Oh, they are all so precious! Dust Bunny is adorable too!

awww, one of the outside cats I feed was preggers and now she has been gone for a couple of days, me thinks she is gonna be back as "mama" tried catching her but no luck, we have 5 other black and white kittens who are getting big too luckily they are pretty friendly to us, feeding time at least, gonna try and start catching them next week to get fixed! the orange one is a Cutie!!

So cute, but they sure can be deceiving! We had a feral cat give birth 2x in our garage. Finally nabbed her & got her spayed. Those kitties were so cute, but they would hiss when you got close. I hope the Humane Society found nice homes for them. Loved your new calf also. What fun they must be. Hugs.

What sweet kitty love. Having a kitty around is thearpy to me. They sure are pretty.
Jeanette Duke

Our Tigger is an orange female as well. She is very skittish though, around most people. I've heard female orange cats are rare as well.

SOoooooo cute!!!!

ADORABLE, I wish I could take in a kitten, I miss my cat. But with DH's hunting dog living in the house ( A confirmed cat hater of a dog) it would not be wise. Snuggles and smooches to yours. :)

Little cuties :-) I am not surprised, the wild cat found the best home for her babies, in your shed so you animal lovers can keep your eyes on them :-)))

Awww....they're so cute. Someone moved from my neighborhood and left behind their pregnant cat (along with two kittens from a previous litter) and they started coming to my backyard for water from the birdbath. It was summer in Arizona. I was shocked at how skinny this mother was, all the while trying to nurse four kittens. I started feeding, they took up residence in my yard and we were able to socialize two kittens and adopt out and spayed and neutered the other five. There were three orange and one was a girl, who my granddaughter named Mrs. Piggy. How can someone leave behind a pregnant pet? Your babies are cuties and they are very lucky to be at your home.

Tee-hee...smart Momma cat. She knows where to get good care for them little brats! LOL!

Aww I love kittenz! You didn't mention a name for little orangie porngie.

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