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That is SOOOOO sweet! Mommy is working her over, and she's not too excited about it. Her name is adorable!

Oh, cutie! She looks so grumpy!

.........awe.......Thank you!

AWESOME!!!Love your post about your animals!!

A wonderful way to start my morning...babies on the farm...gotta love it! Congrats on the new heifer, she is adorable. And like you, who can't love a kitten, wild or not! Can't wait to see dust bunny playing with her cousins!

Oh Bunny is ADORABLE!

It seems sometimes that You live on the Mc Clintock spread. An endless parade of cattle births, I've lost track of names and quanity. I'm sure she will look devine (no pun intended Gabi) in a day or two, but at the moment she looks as if she was dipped in an egg wash and rolled in cocoa powder. Clever name as usual. No need to tell people we used to name our animals after people we knew..... oops that slipped, at times it proved awkward. Give my best to the new mother, and you may have to hit Willy up for a little pasture space. Herd expansion being what it is. Your next bull calf you'll have to name "Prime" or possibly "Porterhouse"....Love, Dad

Dust Bunny...you are so sweet! Looking forward to watching you grow.

Oh how I adore your posts about life on the farm. I'd give anything to have a farm of my own but I'll just have to settle for my little flock of chickens in my backyard. So far the neighbors haven't complained so I'm a happy camper.

Awww a new Baby on the farm. She is precious. Hugs to all...

Awww, I wish my dust bunnies looked like that! She's awfully cute!

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