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LOVE the photo of Dust & Dust bunny, its perfect!

The photo of Dust and Dust Bunny looks like you were taking several rolls of film after they ordered a sitting!

Dust Bunny is gorgeous and that picture is wonderful. Leila and Sweet Potatoe are like our two dogs " Wait me too!!!" if one is getting attention the other one rushes over to get some too good thing we all have two hands.

Wow, that photo of Dust & Dust Bunny should be framed and hung on a wall. Great pic!!!

The photo of dust and dust bunny is wonderful! Everything is right in it: subjects, color, lighting, background, setting and the cuteness factor is over the top cute! And Leia and Sweet Potato are precious. Leia just wants to play too! :)

Wow....love this photo.

So cute. Mama and baby. And the photobomb was too funny. Were you standing close when you snapped the pics? Or did you use the telescopic lens? Those horns on mama look like they would hurt! Or are they friendly cows? Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Hugs, Robin

All your critters love the camera and the camera loves them. Hey- so do I!!! Can't wait to see more. :)

I love that shot with Dust and DB near the tree and fence. The light is casting such cool shadows on their backs. Too funny about Leia! If you had been trying to take her photo, she wouldn't have been so interested.

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