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Loved the pics of the dogs.

awww..how cute. Twiggy is ALL dat!!!...

Great pictures. I LOVE the first one of Daisy...she is saying "just take the dang picture and move on, already!" :-)

And Twiggy...she is a walking miracle and you and Alan are her saviors, and my heroes!

OMGosh, Twiggy is so adorable! I can't believe someone dumped her on a country road! Daisy is precious, but looks like she would rather be taking a nap. :) The bluebonnets are so pretty...the best part of Spring in TX! (except baby chicks and ducks!) Love the photos! d

Cute photos. :-) Twiggy's fur fascinates me. It looks soft, but I suppose it's kind of wiry, huh?

Twiggy is so doggone adorable! It was great that she was such a willing participant in the photo shoot. Miss Daisy looked a bit bored with the whole idea though.

What a couple of cuties!!

Daisy is sure getting gray. Great photos.

Daisy and Twiggy are both precious. I love seeing their pictures.

Just like kids !!! :) You did manage to get some great shots of Twiggy. And the 1st one of Miss Daisy is a hot, she sure looks like *I don't wanna.* Hugs...

Those photos are GORGEOUS!! Thank you :D, the flowers here are so late this year.

The photos of Twiggy are beautiful she looks so cared for now you would never believe she was the same poor puppy you found abandoned. The Blue Bonnets are so pretty.

What? No photo bombs? Blue bonnet blue is the best blue!

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