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I used to teach 1st grade and hatch goose eggs in my classroom. Then one year I took a few to my brother's who lives on a lake, and I tried to get them in the water. They wouldn't, so I had to lead them in! My favorite animals of all time! Thanks for the video! Dinaner

So CUTE!!! Really made me laugh. I can't believe how quickly they have grown. Please continue to keep us updated so those of us in the city can live on the farm through your pictures and videos!!

They are growing fast....so adorable thanks for sharing with us.

So cute. That was funny when the little one ran into the bigger one. Know how you enjoy them. We do too when we are at your farm.

These babies are so sweet! Thanks for the video!

They are SO fast! I love how they stick out their little wings when they run!!!

Adorable! So fun how they respond to your whistle & voice like a couple of little puppies! Thanks for the big smile.

I see by the thermometer reading it's only 48 there I think we have you beat for a change! When they get to be 15 pounds and "run to mama" you will have to dodge flying goose bodies if they ever get airborn! You seem to have a really sensitive microphone too. That's quite a compliment from a guy that is 3/4 deaf! Spring break and mom's just hangin out in the quilt shop playing with her yoyo's Went to "M&A'" for Easter lunch, nice it was 74 or so to bad I'm not a golfer, they looked like they were having fun. Or was that an Easter Egg hunt at the old folks home? Love, Dad

So so cute! Did you name one Ryan Gosling? We have a pig named Kevin Bacon :-)

Those adorable babies must really love you, to follow you like that. And I don't blame them. Thanks for sharing this delightful video. It put a big smile on my face! Best wishes to you and all your creatures, and thanks very much for sharing.

They know their mama's voice, don't they? I'll bet they took a really good nap after that little excursion!! XO

Oh, so cute. They don't want to be very far from Mom, it is a big and scary world out there. Thanks for sharing, Anna.

Thank you for my smile of the morning! Just adorable.

So adorable. Love seeing your farm babies and animals...makes me want to move to the country!

I love how all your babies see you as Mom it must be so fun to go out and see them when they are grown and still have that close bond with them. Those goslings are so sweet. Happy spring everything is nice and green in your world. How is your garden?

Soooo sweet. It cracked me up when they ran with their little wings outstretched. They sure have grown.

I love how they streatch their wings out and run for you when you whistle or talk to them. So cute! It reminds me of the time my youngest incubated some duck eggs. The little ducklings would follow him everwhere. He was really good at peeping like one, too! When they got tired they would climb up on his boot for a snoze. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday, hugs...

Oh my goodness, this is adorable! I LOVE how they run to catch up, so cute! It will be fun to watch them grow, via pictures and your video's. Thanks for sharing :)

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