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Oh my goodness, Anna, these are the sweetest things EVER! How adorable! You got some amazing pictures of these guys. Too bad they don't stay this little!

Babies are so cute!! We have recently begun raising chickens and it has been quite the learning experience too! One has been a victim of continual pecking and we are afraid she is going to be permanently disfigured. She is so sweet now though.

Well, one of them should definitely be Ryan. Get it...Ryan Gosling... Ha! These pictures are absolutely adorable. You can almost feel how soft and fuzzy they must be right through the computer. Thank you for posting them.

Seriously!!!! I cannot stand it! They are soooo adorable! Thanks for sharing these happy fun pictures! Happy Easter Anna!

So STINKIN' adorable!! This is cuteness overload, for sure!! XOXOXO

Thelma and Louise.

They are so precious. Thanks for sharing with us.

I vote for Loosie and Doodles! These are the cutest critters I have seen in a long time.

Good grief...I can't express how doggone cute they are...how about naming them frick and frack Rhymes with quack! I can't wait to see next years calendar! Do geese eat bugs too? Good for your garden! Love hearing from you, makes my day to read your blog!

They are beautiful,Love them...

oh my gosh I would never get any work done with those two on my craft table, I would be cuddling them all day. Thanks for sharing and making our mornings bright and fuzzy..

Mom we need a pillow these two are so cute Winkin, Blinkin and Nod, too bad they don't stay little longer. How big will they be when full grown and will your lap still be big enough for a cuddle. TFS

I'm off to work with your fabulous 'goose/geese' images & videos...my day is complete before it even gets started. Thanks a bunch.

So CUTE! I want to hold them! :)

Anna, I loved seeing the photos and videos of these precious babies.

Super cute! I never would have thought that watching goslings have a nap could be so entertaining! It is hilarious watching the poor little thing's head drop down as it nods off. :-)

Anna, you MUST submit or publish these wonderful photos! Truly! They are some of the most wonderful photos of these little (soon to be big) goslings ever! Thank you for sharing these cuties with us.

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