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My farmer that I pick up my meat from was telling me that the cows love plums.

I enjoyed looking at these! And I appreciate the information about Dexter cattle. I didn't know anything about them till now! Is the meat really lean?

Sweet Potato has a beautiful coat. And chubby little Leia is so cute. It's great to compare the two. Fun photos.

Nice and pastoral, I remember Jim Miller used to plant sugar beets and turnips along the creek bank where it kept the grass so green. It was like a candy cupboard for cows. He said he just disturbed the ground some and broadcast the seed and the rest was done by the "auto-irrigation" as he called it when the seepage from the spring creek watered his beet patch. His cows would run a "hunerd yards" he said when he started cuttin up some beets to feed them! tops and all....Love, Dad

Those are two beautiful bovines! Sweet Potato is such a pretty color, and just gets cuter all the time! Leia is adorable, and I'm sure they are the best of friends. I'd love to see them "playing" together! That yummy green feast is surely wonderful to them, too...how fun to have them munching in the yard! :D

I love sweet potatoes coloring. I hope you can catch them togeter for a photo op. ;) Sweet Pototoe still has some growing to do, too!

Oh how fun! They are adorable. Leia is a chunk and cute as can be. Sweet Potato is perfectly adorable! Keep these photos coming. :)

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