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Great solution to an ever-present problem! That screech drives me crazy!!! Thank you for the easy fix. If my stamping stuff ever gets "found" in the stacked up basement (since our move) I will surely have them all silent ASAP!

Great idea, just had one "screech" at my friend during our crafty session the other night! Off to try this!

I see someone recommended candle wax a bar of soap rubbed on the bottom ofthe drawer works well too. Happy Easter

Candle wax rubbed on the runners works well too.

Ha ha I left out a very important part of my comment it seems the word "much" in regard to the amount of flack I will indeed receive when admiting to enjoying a certain amount of silence in my life....Oops..Love, Dad

I am certainly going to be receiving so flack for this admission but so be it. Being hard of hearing is evidently one of the things that have given me a small buffer against small anoyances in life and fuel for my poor family in their search for relief from my aparent lack of concern when it comes to being anoyed by certain small things. I feel that this just might be my "gotcha moment" What? what is that you say? I cant hear you....??? I think I may go fishing today, I dont have a single "honey do" scheduled for today! Love, Dad

Well aren't you smart! Great idea.


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