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I can't wait to get planting! Today looks like it will be the warmest day of the week...45F. It is 23F right now. The snow is melting!(Yaayyy!) We've had a lot of snow this year. It is suppose to snow again on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is ready for the warmer weather. We have some of our seeds and bulbs but not everything yet. We've been going through seed catalogues. My husband and I like your trellis ideas. We are going to try some of them. We will be trying the watering idea. It is so easy and will work for us! We love looking at your photos and your crafts. I used to do wheat weaving but I've been laid up for the past year. Maybe I'll start again this summer? Time will tell. Here is a fun picture of Saskatchewan, Canada. We've had a LOT of snow in some places! http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a392/Twinsgrandma/SpringtimeinSaskatchewan_zps494c6024.jpg

Cute cards - you do nice work

Looking forward to seeing pics of everything growing! So many of the seed packets have such gorgeous pictures/designs that would make pretty tags or cards :)

I envy your warm temperatures right now. We just got another dusting of snow here in Colorado and it is cold! Looks like the projected high today is 39 ° F! I just keep telling myself that the snow is good for the state and that we need the moisture (we actually really need tons more over March and April). I definitely do not want a repeat of the horiffic wildfires that we had in the Springs last summer.

Love all the seeds and the pretty artwork on the packages! I can at least think of spring and live vicariously through you for a little while.



I was thinking you could make some cute cards from some of those seed packets.

Love to get back making one,I'm thinking about it...

Ahhhh I am drooling! It is another SNOW day here. We are anxiously waiting our Baker's Creek seed order. But it will be some time before we can plant int the garden :) I almost bought those Zinnias. Thought they where stunning. (Loved the purple ones you sent last summer.) Well I better get busy and make the most of my unscheduled day off :) hugs...

Oh, Zinnias are my FAVORITE annuals. I hope you take lots of pictures for me when they start blooming. :D

Warm me up? Buttershots and HOT coco fer me. Or Irish coffee. Seeds?? Hey! Washington state says we can plant seeds! Yahoo, I'm back in the gardening bizz, with brownies!

Hello Pam;
Thanks for the note. We do not use chemical pesticides on the farm. I personally dont have any blog posts about pest control, other than a couple of rants about spending hours snipping caterpillars and grasshoppers in half with scissors, and I think I may have mentioned the use of neem oil once or twice. Your daughters best bet is to google search for organic pest control for her area, or for the kinds of pests she has. She will find forums, you tube videos, and even online magazine articles that are suited for her situation.

As for you not gardening even though you live on a corner lot, you could! You could grow a patio tomato plant. A container of basil. Add a pepper plant to a flowerbed. Or try a hanging pot of lettuce. And if those dont interest you, you could even grow your own alfalfa or broccoli sprouts in the house. Talk about YUMMY!

Thanks again for the note!

Cluck, cluck!

Hi Anna - I don't garden... live in town on a corner...boohoo! One of our daughters is trying to garden though. Do you use pesticides or do you grow organic? If you do organic, do you have posts or sites to recommend? Course it's probably different depending on what state... Thanks fun to see your seed packages!

Ooooo, bush butternut! I NEED TO GET THAT!

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