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What a little goof! Besides the silly-girl ending, she was quite amusing with her laps around the cow and the hay bale. :-)

How cute. I'm sure she wanted you and Moose to come play King of the Hill & do a little jogging. Thanks for the smiles.

Seriously, I don't think I would post videos like this..... People are going to wonder WHAT you are feeding your animals! Crazy weed is what I'm thinking. :-)
What a goofy animal --- she must have had a serious itch on her tummy to do that army crawl. Hey, maybe you can send that into the Army and they can show recruits how it is done.......... if a goat can do it, they can. :-)
Thanks for the giggle on a Monday morning. Take care and loads of hugs to all the inhabitants on the Farm!
Love, Manetta

Oh how much fun is that. Thanks for the entertainment - don't get much of it here at the law firm. We do have some old goats tho.

Precious...animals are so amazing...and entertaining. Thanks for sharing!

So fun to watch she wanted him to come and play in the worst way and tried every trick in the book to entice him to chase her. I would imagine there is always some sort of entertainment happening when you have so many critters on the farm.TFS

Oh, it's been a long time (too long!) since I've gotten to watch a playful goat; thank-you so much!

Too funny! Loved it!

Oh my word - the army crawl is hilarious - she's quite a character.

LOL, Yep, she is plum nutty!! what a hoot! Thanks for the laughs. There's never a dull moment at YOUR place! :D

Too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

TFS!! I had no idea goats have that much personality!

The poor little goat was trying awfully hard to get Moose to play. I loved it running in circles. LOL! I would give anything to know what goes through the mind of animals. Loved seeing this, Anna!

Hi Sherry!
Moose was on a leash because we were just returning from a walk.

The garden is coming along slow. Seeds I planted a month ago havent even sprouted. Boo! I bought some tomato plants I need to get in the garden this weekend. But were supposed to get wind this afternoon, so it might have to wait until

Good luck w/ your move!!

Cluck, cluck!

What a fun time callio pea was having. Do moose and cp ever get to play with each other? I notice you keep moose on a leash, would he be trouble without it? How is your garden coming along? We are moving to Arizona in a few weeks, am anxious to see how much I can plant there...have a fun weekend!

Great video, Anna. I think Callio-Pea wanted to play with Moose, she was doing her best to entice him to play. I used to have two goats who loved playing chase with my German Shepherd. My husband had a junk yard and they would run around and around and the goats would leap up on the trunks of the cars. Every so often Max would forget himself and jump up there too. Mama goat would get so mad; she would rear up and stomp her feet for him to get down. Thanks for the reminder of fun days gone by. I love Callio-Pea's jungle crawl at the end. Who knew goats could be stealthy.

Hop, skip, jump Calio is one nimble barrell of a goat! Love that Army crawl manuver. (Can't say I have ever seen a goat do that!) Thanks for the SMILES this morning. Have a FUN weekend, hugs....

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