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She is so cute!

So, so sweet! I would love to have one of those cutie pies, but don't think the Springers would go for it! Happy Weekend.

Awww! She's so beautiful! I guessed duck (but didn't post a comment). This little goose is so, so cute! I so love your farm, Anna. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. :-)

Can I come live on your farm? :) I love animals, I'm a good cook and baker! Oh and I love crafting...come see my blog! ;) Well, I would if I didn't already have the greatest hubs, son and 3 cats! ;)

Lord have mercy!! That is one cute girl!!

BTW - she is definitely ADORABLE! XO

Because of the color of the feet? Ducks' feet are orange? What do I know? Maybe it's just because of the breed - African? Hey - I do know CHICKEN feet when I see them, though...I think!! :)

I say call her/him Raspberry, cause that is what it looks like he/she is doing....sticking it's tongue out...ha! Hugs, Di

Ah-ha!!!! I know goose feet when I sees 'em :) The light spot on her beak in the 1st photo makes it look like she is sticking out her toungue. LOL. Pretty darn cute.

3 would be nice, These birds are very loyal and mate generally for life. lonely birds are unhappy birds. think of all the chin music guinies, geese, ducks. and a room full of roosters..... and I'm nearly deaf, I like it!

Her name could be Mother. . . Or Loosie. :-D

OHMYGOSH!!!!!! I want to smooch her RIGHT NOW!!!! She's beautiful. . . can't wait to see her grow.

OMGoodness, they are adorable when they are young. I have 2 African geese that are about 16 years old. They are the protectors for our 9 Roan Claire ducks and worse then barking dogs when there's unusual activity around the pond.

She is adorable, Anna.
Cathy Lee

Cuteness overload is right! She's adorable. I feel the need to find some sweet goose stamps! Wonder why? :)

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