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Oh Anna, I was hoping the red chick was going to make it. How amazing of you to bring it home to die peacefully surrounded by the other farm animals. You are one special soul. It's nice to see someone who loves animals as much as I do.
Hugs Julie

You are so sweet Anna. The best reincarnation would be to come back as one of your chicks! I would have done the same thing :)

GOD bless your sweet heart! I would have expected no less from you.
Here's a cheer to farm chicks (of both the human persuasian and animal) every where.
Love and hugs,

Oh Anna, you are the sweetest. What a loving gesture to that little chick. And, the other ones are so cute. Big Hugs.

Greetings from Buffalo, NY! There should be more people like you in the world Anna! Thanks for doing your best for that little red chick. And thank you for sharing your story with us! Keep doing what you do, debbie

Wow- you are a saint. Thanks for giving that little chick a better death.

Oh, Anna. Tears are rolling down. You are just the sweetest heart!

Lucky you I love chicks. We had a pair of Bantam hens growing up.We got them as chicks dressed them in doll clothes gave them rides in a doll buggy. We lived in Burnaby at the coast so in the city. They never wandered further than the neighbors rockery to lay clutches of hidden eggs that were only discovered when our neighbor weeded her flower bed. Beads and Colleen were their names and Colleen would stand on the raspberrysupport and crow like a rooster then go and lay an egg. Such fun we had with them.

You are so sweet. Awww. I love baby chicks. Great childhood memories. Can't wait to see these grow up even if it is only through blog land.

How sweet Anna, you made my day!

Awww..... R.I.P. red chickie ~ Carol M in TX/[email protected]

Awe, Anna, you melt my heart! You are special!

You are such a good, GOOD soul, Ms. Anna.

Anna I just wanted to tell you that I love my kleenex holder and am enjoying it very much. Thanks.

Your chicks are so cute. So glad you brought the little red chick home. At least she was not being trampled when she died. Am so sorry she didn't make it.

Anna, after I read your blog I then moved on to check this blog www.lilblueboo.com. What a coincidence. Lots of caring, loving people out there in blogland. Although, I'm afraid to go to anymore blogs tonight in case.....

A very nice story, Anna. I was praying while reading your post that the little red chick was going to make it. It was so sweet of you to take her home. Enjoy the others.

I was so sorry to read that she passed. Always hoping for a happy ending. You're so kind-hearted.

Oh, so so so so sad, but you gave her the best chance she had. Rest in Peace tiniest farm girl.

Awww Anna, You have the biggest heart. That little red chick was so lucky you came along. Not only did she die a farm chick, she was loved. Love you. Big hugs....

Anna, please know that your kindness towards that little red chick touched me deeply and made me appreciate you all the more. You have a noble and loving heart; bless you.

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