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Holy Smokes....garden prepping!!! Slow down, give the rest of us some time to catch up with ya'! Maybe the Oscar party at your place is more my speed!

No cookies? Awww, shucks! Spring sure comes early way down there. It's springing out all over the place here, but still so wet, as you can imagine.

Texas. It's a whole nother country.

With an impending snow storm just around the corner, I can only DREAM of Spring and planting seeds. You sure got a lot accomplished ... you go girl!

And MISS DAISIE ... what a sweet, sweet face.

Well color my green! It will be months before we are able to work the beds let alone put anything in the ground. Spring in these parts seems so far away. *sigh* Can't wait to see your 1st greens. gives us hopew that spring is on teh way, finally.

You were a busy girl. Beautiful photos of Miss Daisy. We can't plant here in Illinois for another couple months. I did start a basil plant in my window in my kitchen, though. I hope to plant lots of sunflowers so that the Cardinals will have treats next fall and winter.

Jealous! We have a ton of snow and it will be a while before any seeds get in the ground here. I will be looking forward to watching you garden grow.

It snowed again today, Argo won,so did Daniel Day Lewis. Daisey is always bummed if there aren't cookies involved. I feel that the Oscar party should be in Milford at Anna and Alan's house. We'll need a good sized smoker and more floating toys.....Love, Dad

I live vicariously through your early in the year posts of your gardening . I'm looking out at a foot and a half of snow so all I can do is dream. Sweet miss daisy is wonderful. How old...oops...young is she? I love her!

Hard to believe you are planting garden and we still have patches of snow on the ground. It snowed and rained here all day Saturday. Can't wait to see your garden up it will mean spring is just around the corner for those of us up north. I would imagine your muscles will be complaining tomorrow from all that work. Have a great week.

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