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Woot woot for SNOW! Hope you're enjoying your time up north. Merry Christmas!

Glittah, Glittah and more GLITTAH!!! It is all nice from behind a warm and cozy window pane. Now I know the big smile you posted is because you made it through safe and sound:) Have a most wonderful, blessed and MERRY Christmas with all your loved ones. I saw that storm coming in on the radar. I was watching from the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten where I celebrated somewhat of a milestone with some family and friends (just arrived home this morning). Maybe that's what DW is smiling about?!! Just like Santa, HE KNOWS!!!:)))))

merry christmas dear friend, and safe travels. enjoy the snow! and your mom and dad!
much love, sherry

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,have a safe flight,enjoy your white Christmas...

Anna, wishng you a safe flight. I wish we were having a white Christmas but we are in Okla. where the weather is acting like yours,we were 70 yesterday with tornado warnings last night. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family.

Hey DK! I'll bet that giant snow plow you bought for the truck is going to pay for itself right quick! I hope every single one of the Newport Wights has a marvelously Merry Christmas.

Safe travels, Anna.

I arrived home last nite at about 8:30 from collecting my sister from the airport and dropping her at mothers for the nite. It has been snowing here in Newport for 24 hours and as I look out the window I see well over a foot of snow has fallen since then. I wish she would not order so much glitter to be delivered everytime she comes home for Christmas! I think there is a suburban and a 4x4 truck in the driveway somewhere?? Damn kids............ Ho Ho Ho to y'all out there! It's time for a cup of coffee before I dig out and head out for the airplane place to pick up the snow queen! Love, Dad (I'll bet a quart of Huckleberry bounce she will post some pictures in the morning tomorrow)

Looks like your Dad will be spending lots of time snow blowing or plowing. We got 1 1/2 feet on the weekend and it snowed last night and this morning another 8 or 10 inches. Have a wonderful Christmas with your folks Ann

We will finally have snow for Christmas. We are under a blizzard warning. Right now we have rain changing to snow. The winds are picking up and snow is beginning in ernest. A good day to stay inside. Have a safe trip. (With no cancelled or late flights!) Love and Hugs to all... Merry Christmas.

I think you're going to get your wish 10x over as we are really getting buried up here from the storm pushing thru. Enjoy the Holidays with your family and have a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Anna! Have a wonderful time!

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