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Just too, too cute!

OH MY WORD! How did I miss this post? She's looks BEAUTIFUL and she knows it! Gotta look good for Santa, I suppose.

So glad there is a dog out there who enjoys dressing up and looking adorable!! Love her Christmas frock:) My granddog Lola would be looking like a miserable dejected sad sack if she had to sport anything on her back;))) Twiggy looks quite darling and pleased. Nice to see her thriving. Must show Carla (daughter), she has learned to love and appreciate Twiggy too!!

how adorable! she looks like a princess...makes me smile from ear to ear! merry christmas and happy to anna, and to your hubby and all the adorable pets you share with us! hope your trip home to see the folks was wonderful...i hope you took new pics of your mom's beautiful quilt room!

Awwww... What a sweet doggie!! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Don't these photos make you giggle?! That is one cute, loved doggy!

ADORABLE. Miss Twiggy is such a fashion forward gal !!! I bet the other dogs are so glad you dress her up and not them... LOL. Hugs....

She is so sweet! Merry Christmas!!

She looks so cute in her red dress,Merry Christmas..

She is so cute!!! Merry Christmas to you and Alan and your families and your critters. Thank you for another year of great posts.

OMGosh, that is precious! She looks so cute in the red and white, like a little canine Santa! I don't know how you find these adorable sweaters for her! I love it. Hope you are having fun with family, and wish Alan could be there, too. At least he can be with his Mom and Dad on Xmas....but i'm sure he'd rather be with YOU!!! :D Merry Christmas Eve, and NOW...Merry Christmas! (at least it is HERE, anyway!)

Allan did that?! Ohmygoodness. Really, she is a cute pup!! XO

Lucky dawg. She's so cute. It's hard to believe that someone just threw her away. So lucky you all found each other.

She is so cute I can hardly stand it!! Merry Christmas Anna!

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